Another unlimited stop! Red Rhodinger is overbound to the end of the 2020 season due to gambling

November 30 (Wen / ESPN JOSH Weinfuss Compile / Ai Bao) Arizona Sashawa’s Corner Josh Shaw This name is probably the vast majority of NFL fans will not have any impression, indeed, he I haven’t played the game in the season, and at the end of August, he entered the injury preparatory list due to shoulder injury. However, it would not have the opportunity to play the game on behalf of the Red Season, at least this season.

On Friday, NFL officially announced that for Xiaozhong to ban online. The reason is that this season, Shada has bets many times, and as a player, this is not prohibited! Therefore, the alliance will have a poor punishment, and the ban will last until the end of the 2020 season, which means that if the penalty is officially effective, Xiao will be in the next year.

Xiao can appeal for this penalty decision within three days. At present, the NFL’s investigation team has not mastered the inside information of Xiao’s inside information or any evidence that affects the results of the game. At the same time, NFL officially announced that Xiao’s teammates, coaches, and other players of the Union did not know his gambling behavior. Although he did not have a long time in the Salad, he did not seem to be his fate with the Hashque team.

“The continuous success of NFL directly depends on all the necessary measures we follow to maintain the integrity of the competition and the reputation of all alliance members. We are responsible for the core must be a long-term existence, that is, in the NFL game or any In the field of bets, they will endanger the fairness of the competition and impair the public’s confidence in NFL. This is prohibited in any case. “Roger Goodell, Roger Goodell. “If you work in any identity, you can’t bet NFL game.”

For example, Gudel said that NFL listed 10 restrictions on legitimate bets in its betting policies, and the gambling ball is one of them. The policy stipulates: “All NFL people are prohibited directly or indirectly through third parties for any betting, training or other related matters, set up a disk or contribute to any bet. These include the results of the game, data statistics, score, player Performance and any other type of bet related to the alliance. “

If Xiao appealed, he needs to wait until February 15, 2021 can apply for a ban. After the fourth round of the fourth round in 2015, the Taga Square was played in Cincinnati three seasons, and the emirate stopped in the emirate team last season. The season, the new show contract was over with the Red Senders a year worth $ 850,000, and his career has earned more than $ 3 million in salary.

However, this old brother is not good at the university. In 2014, he became the headline of the time at the University of Southern California, not because of his stadium, but he once said that he did a 7-year-old scorpion who was drowning in the swimming pool, and jumped directly from the second floor of the apartment. The result was sprain the ankle. However, things eventually revealed, and later Xiao himself admit that this story is to make itself, the result is unlimited by the school.

The so-called “not dead will not die”, Xiao is so challenged the NFL rule bottom line, now he needs to pay for his own brain behavior.