Week 13 Player announced his name was voted rookie of the Mustang

NFL regular season ended the thirteenth round of the campaign. This week, the Denver Broncos rookie running back Phillip – Lindsay 2 single-game touchdown Rick Tigers; Los Angeles Rams running back Todd – Geer Li final word kill lions; Dolphins cornerback Zhawei En – Howard steals twice Allen helped the team to leave playoff hopes; Seahawks linebacker Bobby – Wagner 98 yards steals the playoffs back to the attack sounded the horn; lightning return man Desmond – gold staged 70 yards back to attack array sensational; giants kicker unknown Rosas prove that he is the real thigh. The so-called big hero can be color, the real name is from the romantic, let’s take a look at which players will be elected as the best.

AP Offensive Player: Philip Broncos – Lindsay running back

Now no one would have dared to ignore the 5-foot-8-inch Phillips – Lindsay, this is the name of the young man led the Denver Broncos impact key figure in the playoffs. The year’s unsuccessful rookie beat the Cincinnati Bengals 24-10 in last week’s game completed rushed the ball 19 times, scored a career-high 157 yards and one scored two touchdowns, which was credited rushed 65 yards touchdowns under the cover of the offensive line is fully demonstrated its amazing personal ability, precise route selection plus fast acceleration help him to bypass several defensive players scored touchdowns and helped the Broncos won three straight. In this wave of three straight years, Lindsay has scored 5 touchdowns, currently 6.1 yards of rushing yards were ranked first completing a certain number of players rushed the ball in. This was the three-digit number on the second consecutive week Lindsay rushing yards, while more than 10 yards rushing the ball up to seven times. Who would have thought Lindsay beginning of the season the Broncos have become close all the characters to get points this week, Zhou was elected the best offensive player, he is to give the best to encourage the rookie unsuccessful.

Best Defensive Player: Dolphins Zhawei En – Howard cornerback

Over the past few weeks, Andre – Blanche has been Zhawei En – Howard endorsement, “it is necessary to interview you under Howard,” Blanche cried in the locker room: “That was the best cornerback in the league. “I believe after this season, the league obscurity Howard will re-understanding of their own. To date, Howard this season, 7 steals to lead the league, most likely selected for the Pro Bowl, under his leadership the Dolphins 19 times the number of steals also ranked second in the league. Last week, the face of Buffalo Bill, Josh – Rosen bombing horizontal push 413 yards, and the Dolphins offense scored just 175 yards, but is relying on two key steals Howard moment of attack without success to make Bill back to help dolphins win the game. Some people think Howard has become the Dolphins the best player, but he has not reached the peak, the third-year players will continue training continues, the future is likely to become one of the best cornerback in the NFL.

Best Secret players: Lightning Desmond – Gold Lightning

With kicker Mike – Begley buzzer lore last minute, 33-30 Los Angeles Lightning to win a strong dialogue between the Pittsburgh Steelers, but this week’s American League best player is not a Secret Begley awarded to lore, but return man Desmond – gold. Match, Kim served as the defensive cornerback group completed 10 tackles (9 independent tackles), 2 times damage passing performance. In SWAT team, Kim has made a kickoff returned 21 yards, the last one facing backward, it is the gold pick 73 yards punt return touchdown to tie the game 23-23 to help the lightning. Defense and special teams group Jie good performance, it seems that gold lightning SWAT team struggling to find answers.

Best offensive players in Guolian: Ram Tod-Galley

This week, the Los Angeles Rams to a 11-1 record ahead of four locking NL West champion, became the first of the season to determine playoff teams. For Todd – General operation Geer Li We did not want to say too much, but in a 30-16 victory over the Detroit Lions game, Jared – Gough’s passing attack blocked, Geer Li once again stepped forward to help the ball team won a victory. Game, red balls 23 Geer Li scored two touchdowns and 132 yards, there are three catches 33 yards fetched. Since the Rams in the fourth quarter began just maintained a slight advantage 16-13, the last one Geer Li two touchdowns the end of the game. The final stage of the final word, to avoid the team in the gutter capsize, Geer Li dangers remarkable skill elected National League Offensive Player of the week.

Best Defensive Player: Bobby Seahawks – Wagner linebacker

Beginning of the season, Wagner stressed that although the defense team let go of a lot of people, but the team is not entered rebuilding mode, he believes the Seahawks still have the foundation for success. And Wagner basis mouth, is his own. As a star middle linebacker, Wagner good interpretation of what should be done to the players in this position. Face division rivals San Francisco 49ers, Wagner audience made 12 tackles, including eight independent tackles, 1 sack, and in addition to two successful anti-pass richer. Wagner certainly had a good day, because the final moments of the game, 49ers quarterback sent gift, after the completion of steals Wagner bolted 98 yards a touchdown for the Seahawks wonderful evening with a perfect full stop.

Best Secret players: Derek giant Alcatel – Rosas Kicker

On 30-27 grams or less, the New York Giants kicker Derek Al – Rosas eye-catching performance in the victory over the Chicago Bears in the game, the League of Nations this week elected the best player Secret Service. He shot 3 of 3 free-kick, shot 3 3 additional points directly scored 12 points in the game, in which a free-kick 57 yards directly set a record of the history of the Giants. In the fourth quarter and overtime, Rosas critical moment withstand pressure were fired into a ball, helping the team lore Bears. This season, Rosas stabilizing, free kick hit 27 times 26 times 21 times additional points hit all still remember the only time missed more than 50-yard field goal, while he was fighting with a leg injury.

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