Under the Patriot kill order? Newton: Bill afford to lose the next game against the must-win

October 30 News (text / ESPN Mike Reiss compile / white) Kanmu – Newton ever since the new crown pneumonia disease rehabilitation, performance has been very bad, losing to the San Francisco 49ers last week’s game, his poor performance reach most apex. Today, the New England Patriots record to 2 wins and 4 losses, the team for the first time since 2002, lost three straight, the next game they will have to compete against AL East opponents largest first name Buffalo Bill. Bill Today’s record is 5 wins and 2 losses, if the Patriots lose this critical battle, the basic declaration of missed the playoffs.

World War II broke out, the Patriots everyone nervous, they knew what they were going to face is that the team even under the kill order. “This is a must for us to win the game, I will be in my ability to control the scope of possible things to the extreme, we have two or three days time to prepare, that is what we plan to do. “Kanmu – Newton said in an October 30 interview. League trade deadline is next Tuesday, Newton was also asked a question, that is, when the Patriots play no game content they want, will not change.

. “Listen, man, we need most now is to have a good atmosphere, everyone united, unite in order to win,” Newton said: “As for your idea, we never thought that I have here no answer. my task is to play in the last game good game, protect the lives of the ball, this is the guarantee of victory. “patriots in the past 11 seasons every year is the division title, but this non-Xi ratio, then their quarterback – Tom Brady. Bill on last won the division title dates back to the last century, it was in the distant 1995, exactly 25 years ago.

In New England, Newton admits he is struggling with performance, according to ESPN’s data show that Newton’s last three games quarterback rating of 15.3 points, the lowest in the league. This is a critical turning point in the fourth week, when he suddenly infected with the new virus crown, missed the game against the Chiefs, the team’s overall training and therefore been affected, and the spate of players have detected the virus. All off-site factors related to the Patriots and now poor record, Newton poor state has a direct relationship.

Even worse is that, outside the Patriots took over veteran Julian – Edelman in this week underwent knee surgery, is expected to be absent for some time. And last year’s first-round pick to take over the outside Enji Er – Harry now lying limited concussion protocol, the Patriots can supply with weapons, and now the team can only use Damien El – Byrd and Jacob – May Hayes served as top two wide receivers. In what is learned in the past when asked, Newton said: “Give me the deepest feelings in the locker room, in this city, in this state, in all of New England, the failure is absolutely unacceptable. so, Kanmu – Newton, you need to quickly find yourself, play to battle this is what I learned. “.

Newton strict requirements on their own, he admitted that this was to fight to keep their jobs:. “When you play is rubbish when I have you worthless trash like last week’s performance, anyone is eligible to accuse me of , either face to face or whispering behind in the spray me, I accepted. indeed, I have terrible performance last week, I became a trash can. from the beginning of the week, this is a shameful experience. I like when the game performed well, we have to praise my senses, I was accused of not used to, now I’m standing at a crossroads. “

Even so, coach Bill Sean – McDermott or Newton Pingjiapogao. “He’s a great player,” McDermott said in an interview with “The Boston Globe” as saying: “We have great respect for him, he was the most valuable player of the league, can not hack it will not get this honor, we it is clear what he can do. “McDermott told the fetters of Newton can be traced them together at the time of effectiveness of the Carolina Panthers, Panthers McDermott served as defensive coordinator in 2011 and 2016, while Newton in the 2015 season to get the MVP, led the team reached the Super Bowl.

“Of course he is a great player, I think my players know what type of player he is, you can not wait to play against him.” McDermott said: “Kanmu with my friendship can be traced back a long time ago trophies he worked together really happy. so many years of his own stringent requirements, it was not easy. and privately, he was very humble and polite to me, my family, I will never forget at this point.”

Even if the Patriots offense pretty poor state recently, McDermott still be very careful, he said: “They have demonstrated the ability to attack the road, passing does not depend, of course, also a dual threat quarterback Kanmu, he in passing the road and can bring influence. so for us, how to defend him is the key. “