Uncomfortable! The strong team left to the Warriors is less and less, the shuttle, the sun is already on the road, who is the strongest of the alliance

I looked at the next door, I sent it to the king, telling the truth, and the sister of the Sister, there is still a sate! This sore is not because Lao Zhan is fighting for 49 minutes, not because Wei Shao has played 51 minutes, and it is not because of the thick eyebrows for 48 minutes. Just Jieju want to ask questions: “Is the king really so strong?” https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com It’s a little said that Lao Zhan did its best, change the warrior to work together! ” The king and the three plus time of the Lakers are placed on one side to see the warriors and the trails of the trailers. After the Warriors in half, the two numbers were leading. The three sections won 21 points, and the last season began to waves, and the waves were covered with 8 points.

With the mouth of the mouth, the brother has been brushing out three points, and the trailer will bore 15 points for the Warriors. CJ and Lillad 32 anger cut 32 points, and the Curry will get 32 ??points! Previously, some analysts said that after the Warriors played back to the home, they will experience a wave of devil schedules. Now it seems that this devil schedule must exist, but the devil is a warrior! Before the trailer and warriors beat, many https://www.nbatrikots4.com vulnets thought that the Blazers had a big chance to overturn the Warriors, because recently the Blazers are not only winning, Lillad’s state is also recovering, plus Lila Germany also likes to quickly rhythm, so the warrior may be defeated by the strong enemy pioneers.

After the Sister, the sister, I also felt a reason, but now I seem to be a letter! Words who use the Sister sister old love to say: This warrior is relaxed to the town of the traveler than playing a forest! It seems that the pioneer is spelling the final, and it will be ended in the past half! The two teams were not a level of thermal power, so that the trails of the trails of Simons continued to invest in four thirds, the hearts of the Sister Jie thought this: “Ask you, then join two Three points, otherwise I can’t see the mouth of the mouth! “It’s really https://www.maillotbasket6.com not panic, the Blazers put on personal strength, and the Warriors play against the team. When the Pioneer’s personal strength is used up, the warrior’s star personal https://www.nbatrikots4.com strength is directly pulled away.

“Strong Team” pioneers also fell, and they were “chained” by the warrior! In particular, the trailer is simply “desolate”, the Warriors are a ball, and the developmenters are in a half-day, and the warrior is not waves. If there is a mouth debut, 25 Opportunity. Who is the opponent who wins the brigade of the Pioneer Warrior? The fast ship, the sun, the two west of the western part (the trailer has automatically downgraded to the western weakness). Although the Warriors have previously won the bus boat, there is a voice that only win two points, it is necessary to win the fast boat, so the current ship is still a strong team in the west!

As far as the current situation is seen, the prediction of the Sister, the prediction of the boat is half a half, and you may be able to play at two https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com more than half. Many people only see the strong boat, but they didn’t see the warriors of the warriors, and the shot is quite heavy, and the general team really can’t hold. As for the sun, I am embarrassed, this bonfruit is still the warrior. Of course, the two teams may be very co-burning, but the Sister, the Sister, did not think the strength of the sun was on the Warriors, although the sun was building the longest winning victory, but the library was not good to Paul this piece.