The whole isola, the sun is funny, Payne wants to enter the five big bales, and the McGi is tied back with a buckle.

On December 1st, Beijing time, a focus war in NBA regulations, the Phoenix Suns defeated the Golden State Warriors at 104-96, and the longest 17 game winning 1 of the team’s history, the first, which can be described as a double happiness.

In this game, the Sun Team won the heart, they were still holding the victory fruit in the case of the number one attack, German-Bark half-field injury, is amazing. This is inseparable from all of you, and they have five people who have a double, like Eatton, Chris Paul, of course, is a powerful, but Claude, Cameron – Johnson, even Shame Special, Cameron-Payne, McGi, etc., it is not to be ignored.

At the last moment of the third section, the Sun team appeared in a funny attack, but the yin and the yang was wrong, showing that their luck is also good. At that time, the Sun team promoted from the back, Kameron Penbeli ball, and McGi played a shout, and he took the next anti-basket, but unexpected, this is One goal throws to the back of the rebound.

What is even more unexpected is that the ball will play two times on the rebound and return to the field. McGi has not relaxed vigilance, tall jump, and the ball buckled the ball into the basket. This feels like, Payne takes a vacant with McGee with the help of the rebound. But in fact, Petion has lost the level, almost entering the five 囧, but by McGi with a buckle to give back. What is the process of doing the management, the final result is wonderful, then enough.

In this game, Payne was 15 minutes, 5 shots 2, the two rejuvenated three points, got 6 points 4 assists. McGee is 8 minutes, 4 shots 4, cutting 8 points 2 rebounds. The Sun Team 17 wins, next to playing pistons, the biggest record of team history will be broken, then will then fight the warrior, can be seen as the sequel of this game, I don’t know what the story will be,
Waiting for it.