The list of the two parties in the World Competition is released! Warrior Wright Space Man Gonzalez Take the last bus

The highly anticipated MLB2021 World Competition has been on, and the Atlanta Warriors and Houston Space People look out from the National United States and the United States. Before the opening of the battle, the official list of the world contests also announced that the Warriors gave up the right pitcher Jacob – Weber and the inherstor, John – Kamog, thereby increasing the right pitcher Kyle Wit and the owner St. Gore.

Accordingly, space people also adjust the list. Inheri-Hand Music – Gonzalez is tested on the last bus of the World Competition, and the owner of the field is Jack – Mai Yes missed the final stage. In addition, the spaceman coach Dasti-Baker has confirmed the temporary Pitcher Louis Garcia as the first pitcher in the
third game.

Among these people, Wright is relatively well-known, and the 26-year-old teach is not in the end of June. His last game was on October 2, and there was no loss in the 3A game.

In this year’s 2 big alliance competitions, he has a record of 0 wins and 1 loss, and the self-sharing rate is 9.95, but he is 10 wins and 5 losses in the 3A game. At the last season, he
passed the first time, and the 3rd game of the national affiliate division of Malinfish was lost, but in the 3rd game of the National World Championship, only 2 booked Drop 7 points.

Gonzalez is a champion member of the Space Man 2017 World Competition, but since he has not participated in the competition since the regular season on October 3. This old will be cut off after Sapphite in August, returning to space, 34 hits, only 0.176.