Space man pushes Granji Meetian Championships unveiled the battle first, the coach, I firmly believe that the status of the Zence is no problem.

Tomorrow’s space will meet the battlefields at home, officially begin the journey of the United States. After choosing, the space team has finally selected Grandgi, which was poor in the playoffs, and his opponent would be big.

The first first first year of Granki is the third game of the Menlian zoning, and he has a bad game, only 3.2 bureau, lost 6 points. Because of his failure, the spaceman 3-10 is not enemy. Singge coaches have to let the Three-day Wrande once again, and finally the performance of Willland in the fourth game is not good. The space team eventually dragged to the fifth game, but it was good to advance their 6-1.

However, the head coach Sschi hope that Grandji can vary. Schchi said that the probability of mistakes in the Grand Classic premnors and he have been almost the past few years. In recent years, the ERA of Granki has always been lower in the league pitcher. In addition, he has also taken 19 Field winning and got a competition. Obviously, Csi thinks that Grande is still familiar with “big devil”.

Schchi said that Grande now has the probability of mistakes and the first 100 games,
through the past few years, the experience I have drawn https://www.mlbtrikot4.comis that every pitcher faces the probability of mistakes, it is better than everyone. I have a lot of imagination.

At present, Villard will first send in the second game of the United States championship, and Cole will first send it in the third game they go to Yangji Stadium. Willland can rest for 4 days this time, physical strength should not be a problem. The status of Cole is very hot, and he cast a 15.2 bureau in the playoffs, and sent 25 three vibrations, only one point.

However, in addition to the three major devil levels, Singge is still uncertain to the end of the playoffs, and Zuo Dou Mili is 5.07 after the ERA after the all-star game, and the new Xiu Urquadi is It is a strong pitcher, but it lacks experience in the playoffs.

Schch said that everyone is https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comhappy to let three apex first, but he may use the fourth first in the fourth game with Yangji, of course, this depends on the results of the three games in front.

Grande is not much speech at the press conference, and the conversation of the media lasts only a few minutes. When asked for the challenge of the Siki Walker, he is very official, so that many excellent players will be more difficult than the average player.

Yang Biejun is currently planning to train in Houston at the afternoon, and the head coach Aaron-Bohn may discuss the topic of their first pitcher and the media at that time.