Say to age prejudice! Tradesman Suzuki Yeng’s job is accurate to second he really wants to stick to 51 years old

Text / Shiji Yuxia is from Tokyo

Japan in Yangchun, the cherry blossom is waiting to be rotten – I have a trip to go! This time I don’t look at the cherry blossom, look at Suzuki.

From Danying Sanya Line Waterway Bridge, it is the mlb tokyo theme cafe. The hall is full of friends, full of eyes, shaking the body of the June 51. The owner of Yao Yueyi Xiuyu, and he greeted the guests after he greeted the guests.

The Tokyo Dawa, the Tokyo Daw, the Seattle Sailor Team 51 “waiting for the big” three-dimensional painting board, the baseball fans compete, no more men and women. RV road show, hitting the ball experience area, the souvenir shop, is a long snake array. In front of the monument store, a bag of souvenirs is full of fans.

Even the famous “one lunar”, I made a 3,000-play DIY hand-made a scoreboard in the year! The Japanese baseball holy land, which has been playing the carnival of the fans.

In 2019, the new season MLB opened, and the time was returned to Japan. The 45-year-old Japanese baseball gods, and the sailor team “Triumph” is coming. Popular singer Yansaki Shanxi Singing, Singing, Salute After Southern, a “White Light” in an instant Ball position.

He put a “bell-style” signboard ball Pose. As the fans in front of the game imitate him in front of the plateboard. The close-up gives his eyes, rhite yesterday.

This is Suzuki, from the golden week of last year, the time is 322 days, once again appeared on the official game. The front row of the front raise fans who captured his body was crazy. Scream, applause, “Ichi!” “Ichiro” cheers, soon, there is a faster, and there is a small fans to write a flying card with “Ichiro”. There are countless mobile phones on the scene!

Tonight, full “Tokyo Dome”, only for this name.

In a sense, Suzuki’s “Tokyo Triumph”, quite a bit tragic, or even, it is very likely that it becomes a “surprise” of his career – the outside world is very good: After the opening ceremony of Japan, a generation of Japanese baseball gods, or In the future, we usher in the days of hanging boots.

MLB Japan unveiled the battle, Suzuki first

MLB Japan unveiled the battle, Suzuki first

However, Suzuki is swinging Huo Hu, it is going to say not to age – I want to return to the stadium again, I want to hit 51 years.

“Japanese baseball holy land” Tokyo Daw, the night light of the stadium, the clear side face of the sound of the sun, like a three-prune Zhiliang – the former is the big god of Japanese baseball; the latter is the symbol of Japanese football, two It is a great noun, that is, “legend”, is “alive fossil.”

I can’t stand on Tokyo Jujian: Sports 7% The whole team will not change the first 10 years.

“I can’t stand on the Tokyo Du.” One of Suzuki Yeon’s previous conference, frankly even “”. The result of the game seems to be cruelly confirmed.

Japanese baseball gods playing in the tsunami in the mountains. The whole Tokyo giant egg, with the performance of Suzuki, a happy and worry. In the middle of the two games, a small fan was taken by the host, and the voice of the little boys crispeded, but it was very firm: Ichiro Zang, please play a Hit ball!

However, the small fans and the scene full of audiences expect this scene, did not appear. In the upper half of the three games, Suzuki’s hit regret was killed, and the game failed to form a place.

Suzuki is not satisfactory

Suzuki is not satisfactory

After the three games, Suzuki was suddenly replaced in the middle. He shakes hands in his teammates, as if you want to pass your own strength to each other. Subsequently, he retired to the standing desk, his eyes were standing in the field, and there were some red.

“What happened to ichiro?” “Is it a bit wrong?” On the day of the Japanese TV station (Japanese view) that was broadcast, he jumped out of the crop fan. 45-year-old Suzuki, is it good to eat?

45-year-old Suzuki is a little bit of power on the field

45-year-old Suzuki is a little bit of power on the field

It is undeniable that the outside world is the “Triumph Return” in Suzuki, and even after he is confirmed, it will disturb after the start of the first game.

On the 20th, the day of the opening ceremony, in front of the game, the 45-year-old Suzuki, running in the first one. “Mix” is in a young player of the age “anti-difference” up to 20 years old, his figure is clear, and the footsteps are still clear. When the ball is exercised, his body is flexible and free to fight, and his efforts are still not reduced.

Suzuki is exchanged with teammates

Suzuki is exchanged with teammates

A amazing data is that in February this year, he was pulled in front of Alexand, his body fat rate was measured only 7% – the first team of the whole team. Moreover, this data, Suzuki is a full 10 years.

“There is no change at all!” On the day, VIP’s crowded man, there is Olix’s predecessor coach Fu Liangyi, and the pre-service coaching high bridge of the Selling Giants.

Fu Liang is a partner when Suzuki breaks the year 200 to fight in the Japanese baseball world. Gaoqiao is still two years old, and now is a baseball explanation. It has just been explained in the presenter’s presence of a semaged semler’s semrared.
Ingenious, Gaoqiao also with Suzuki sailor team new teammail Chiang Xi Xu’s peers, both of which were 43 years old.

Before the game, Suzuki is very serious.

Before the game, Suzuki is very serious.

It is undeniable that Suzuki is indeed a “old” player.

An interesting scene has occurred during the presence of the season in Alessana. In the practice of the sailor team and the Padley team, a team member appeared in the first hair, named Carl Kwangurur, his father was active from the early 1990s to the beginning of this century. Boer, Gran, Cornwantur. With the same age, as well as his son, there have been in the same game, which is a rare experience in Suzuki.

When I was holding hands by my father, Karl, who saw Suzuki game, was excited. “This is the same as the cracked gloves sent to me last year.”

Last year, a big ticket for the new old “Century” baseball community was the famous star, such as Peter Martinene, Er, Viti, hanging boots. On the way, they were 5 years old than Suzuki. With their disappearance, the owner of the year of the year became a “endangered species” in the big profore, facing extinction. In the event of 30 large alliance teams, the active stage and the coach with Suzuki has overlap, as much as 15 people.

I want to use the strength to return to the stage: the job is accurate to the secondary training without interruption

After the game, the Tokyo Dawn underground, the quiet mixing area, the media army is waiting. Suddenly there was a champion, Suzuki was escorted under the escort, and bowed his head and hurriedly passed, and he did not leave only words. He said that he can see the jersey, he has put on the jersey, put on a private casual jacket, wearing a khaki casual jacket, wearing a black wire cap – simple list, return to true.

After a few minutes, the sailor coach Sabis appeared unexpectedly. He confessed that Suzuki Yiling will also start the game – this makes the media to mention the heart of the eyes.

Suzuki will debut again today.

Suzuki will debut again today.

In Tokyo, Suzuki is straight to the “怼” Sabis, when the latter does not want him to “play the pilot player” role with another Japanese player Juchi; he reveals regrets, for failure In the presencing of the Selling Giant, more than 40,000 fans who have entered the Tokyo giant egg are dedicated to a remember.

One “怼” regrets, or it is from the inner goal.

In fact, since the last year of “Golden Week” last year, the 45-year-old Suzuki is aimed at the 2019 season’s goal, which is based on the factors that “care” or “噱噱”.

To achieve this goal, Suzuki is self-disciplined to the extent of crazy and even “metamorphosis” – although he is in the eyes of the outside, he is undoubtedly a “super old” player, he has been far from 10 months.

In May last year, Suzuki has served as the position of “Chairman Special Assistant”, which will never stand on the game. But his full set of works, whether at home, in the team, from getting up, to the arrival training ground, all from everything. Even the diet selected when pulled up, the restaurant, the restaurant, and the same as the active period.

Dressed training and absolute self-discipline, let Suzuki have an example of young people

Dressed training and absolute self-discipline, let Suzuki have an example of young people

Such a job is even accurate to calculate in “seconds”. He has never forgotten that his position is a professional player.

For example, from home, go to the training ground is 2:25 pm, and the time will be set in the past half an hour, ie at 1:55. Before departure, Suzuki is still eating two toast bread. He asked the wife to bow accurately to the toast time: the first, 2 minutes and 30 seconds; the second piece, 1 minute 30 seconds.

Not only the fire and waste heat of the baked bread should be incorporated in advance, but the softness of butter is no exception: heating with a microwave 8 seconds, then taken by Suzuki’s hands on the baked toast bread. After training, he returned to the locker room, and he would eat his wife’s hand for his two small sushi rice, and timely supplement physical strength and restore fatigue.

On the day of rest, he is from the homeland or away from the uninterrupted self-training. In October last year, during the MLB All-Star Tesque, he invited personal trains from Japan to “partner”, accompany him silently sweating. At the end of October, he returned to Japan’s next day. He was running in the “Takeoff Down”, and he didn’t even request his private ball designer island. And again exchange the trial feeling of the new ball.

“When I feel waving, my sphere is slightly flying. The left hand refers to the unambiguous power, the time is long, the upper left wrist is a bit stiff.” Two professional “traits” for details and demand, non- Of orders can imagine.

On February 12 this year, he completed the final self-training in Kobe in the morning, and boarded the flight to Tokyo after 3 hours. I flew to Seattle on the next morning, I came to the training ground in Alessona on the 14th, and on the morning, he also completed the self-training in the home of the sailor team, this was tested on private aircraft.

I want to hit 51 years old: a letter from the future generations of Shesale

“Because there is a long empty window, it is completely can’t be found in the pre-training in the previous season.” Suzuki is in front of the game, “self-black”, and all “idol bag” “. As a result of the game, he was suddenly replaced, and I was looking at the eyes of the game, pure and affordable.

From the May last year, “Golden Week” was unveiled in the game, and the Tokyo triumph, he had a special game, which has been 322 days.

In the days of the unfair game, Suzuki is like this “game day”: During his teammates, he closed in the gym, listening to the various or subtle, or cheering movements of a wall, or cheering I met a meticulously fulfilled a full training course.

Playing with Suzuki, teammates are happy

Playing with Suzuki, teammates are happy

He never landed on the chair and the sofa. Until the whistle of the victory sounded, he worked on the ball glove, high engine rod, the first time, and the teammates were paid to celebrate –

There is no excess “idol bag”. Since the “Special Assistant,” Special Assistant, “Suzuki once revealed that it would be as a” baseball research home “- even if it does not play the game, just purely training, see what it is” evolution “.

“I want to hit 51 years. From my body feel, I have been 15 years, I have no two. It is also a 45-year-old player. Some people are just a day. Wear the body, I hope everyone should not mix the two. “51 years old, just with his jersey number 51, perfect fit.”

At the age of 45, Suzuki is still manufacturing “miracle”. Just pulled in the quaternary of the Alessana, he once again staged the home run again in the free hit. With the age of 45, the ball that fails to fly out of the fence is very people, one of the flying distances, “creation” has the longest flight distance “record” in his career in 18 years – to know four days ago He just flew in the United States from Japan, he was still in a slightly fainted state.

Suzuki has so far, so far, in the career road of the “Tao” of the baseball, I consciously discouraged “consciousness.” This makes people think about a anecdote in 2004.

That year, Suzuki played the season 262 HIT, refreshed George – Msler has maintained a record of 84 years. At that time, the latter man in Simusler came to the Seattle scene to watch the battle. After the game, he would write a letter to his son after the game, solemnly handed over to Suzuki.

In the letter, Sensler wrote his own thinking about “Batting”, it didn’t matter of age, and it was not fundamentally associated with height weight.

“The hypervisor is the hitting timing, body balance and ball control. When the three combine, the power of instant eruption will maximize.”

This is also the 45-year-old Suzuki.

About the ultimate guessment of the famous Hall: He pushed Japan’s brand to the world

It is the Japanese Baseball Museum. Adults need to be 600 yen in admission, college students 400 yen, primary and secondary school students 200 yen. In the past few days, the bustling of the bustling fans, also in the museum of this century-old history.

Although it is still a active player, Suzuki, has already become an important part of the Japanese baseball history: he passed the boots passing through the MLB opening battle in 2012. In 2016, the Mai Te Teach has reached 4257, and the game jersey. Every time the Japanese News Agency is specially made, the Japanese News Agency is unlikely, and he will tell him the greatness.

The depths of the museum are Japanese baseball name. Suzuki’s MLB “Senior” wild hero, the Nires of the Orry of Alix, were already boarding the highest hall of Japanese baseball. On the occasion of Suzuki, the latter was first jeopardized from the second army to bring him from the second army, and the registered name “Ichiro”, since then, this name is like the day, until the other side of the Pacific, go to the world.

Suzuki is one of the symbols of Japanese sports.

Suzuki is one of the symbols of Japanese sports.

According to the rules of the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame, the active players need to obtain candidate qualifications after retiring – although now, Suzuki is retired, but no one denies that Suzuki has a day, will enter Japan Baseball Hall of Fame.

Suzuki entered the American Baseball Famous Hall, which also refers to the day.

In Tokyo, Mr. Jim Small, President, MLB Asia Pacific, to our “triumph”, “Kaituan Return”, for the Japanese – this meaning, breaking through the category of baseball or even sports.

Soce established the first MLB Asian office in Japan in 2003. In the past two years, Suzuki landed from Japan’s NPB, 16 years of light, he witnessed Suzuki’s cross-border appeal and influence.

The Japanese people in the future to the scene, pay attention to Suzuki game in the restaurant

The Japanese people in the future to the scene, pay attention to Suzuki game in the restaurant

“Since the 2001 Suikang arrives in the United States, you can see that more people have more people to contact Japanese culture, there are more Japanese restaurants. Today, Suzuki is returned to Japan in his career, this is a Japanese. It is also a special moment. “

Soer asserted that in the field of sports in Japan, there is no athlete to promote Japanese brand and national influence to the world like Suzuki. “Suzuki is returned, and it is also very special for Japan.”

Tokyo Juji fans, selling souvenirs for Suzuki

Tokyo Juji fans, selling souvenirs for Suzuki

Soer confessed that Suzuki is a Japanese fan, and it is also the pride of MLB fans.

“In my opinion, ordinary Japanese will be proud of Suzuki. He is one of the greatest baseball stars in the history of baseball. There is no stain. Not only is the Japanese, Suzuki is proud, including all the Seattle sailor fans, is proud of Suzuki. “

Do not watch TV, don’t use your mobile phone, stick to the letter to fans with the pen. I have never had a gossip, I live like God who doesn’t eat fireworks. “Japanese baseball holy land” Tokyo Daw, Tongming’s luminous light, outlined the clear side face of the sun, like a three-pippage –

The former is the big god of the Japanese baseball; the latter is the symbol of Japanese football, the two, is a great noun, that is, “Legend”, “Live Fossil”, is the heart of the craftsman.