Playing a critical moment missed opportunity missed lore Rams 29-30 loss to the Seahawks

Beijing at 8:20 on October 4 in the morning, just at home on Sunday the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took 55 minutes of the Los Angeles Rams guest Seattle. Seattle Seahawks two weeks to face the same district rivals than easily won Sunday’s Arizona Cardinals, apparently this field Thursday night race is more like the Seahawks win the game. After all, last season, the Rams Seahawks double play, and also into the Super Bowl. Rams kicker in the final 15 seconds before the end of the game play lost lore free kick 44 yards to the Seahawks lost to 29:30, the Super Bowl runner-up tragically two-game losing streak.


Rams and Seahawks have played against in the history of 42 times, the Seahawks with 23 wins and 19 losses took advantage on the record.

Wonderful review

Seahawks home game up on the mistake, wide receiver Gulong – get rid of the ball after Brown appeared off the ball. After the Rams picked off the ball, very easy in the beginning of the game less than three minutes scored a free-kick, made the first score 3: 0. And the Seahawks offense and subsequently failed, the Rams at the time of the first section of 4 minutes left in the game hit the kick again, 6: 0. Continuous drop points up on the home Seahawks finally began to force at the end of the first game, quarterback Russell – Wilson long pass wide receiver Taylor when the end of the first section – Locket, who tiptoes corner complete ball end region, made touchdowns, 6: 7.

Seahawks Yuezhanyueyong, in the second quarter more than half the time. Quarterback Russell – Wilson infrared long pass to connect the network to take over DK- Metcalf, DK district in front Rams easily caught the long pass of 40 yards, 6:14. But the Rams, after all, the Super Bowl runner-up last season, would not say the first half, took only two free kick.

Rams leveraging the opportunity to play the Seahawks in the first half missed a free kick from half-court offensive began. 6 seconds before halftime, the Rams quarterback Jared – wide receiver connection Gough Cooper – Karp made a touchdown, recovered 7 points, 13:14.

Come back after halftime, the Rams still continue to attack. Although now the Seahawks defensive front is very strong, but the defense is basically second-line papered with no difference. Rams quarterback Jared – Gough just a few long pass easily led the team to push past the Seahawks halftime. Their number one running back Todd – Geer Li in the third quarter began to run with the ball three minutes after the Seahawks into the end zone, scored touchdowns, 20:14.

Although the Seahawks second-line defense does not work, but offensive team, after all, there are all-star quarterback Russell – Wilson, at the time when more than half of the third quarter, the Rams halftime launched a wave of attacks. Wide receiver David – Moore made a touchdown catch in the third quarter when five minutes left in the game, and the Seahawks go-ahead score, 20:21.

But conversely, the Rams played the Seahawks is easy, Gerald Everett – Everett on a 33-yard advance easily to the end zone before the Seahawks. Finally the number one running back Todd – Geer Li get the ball up front, with due only 1 point, the Rams chose the two-point conversion, but failed. 3 minutes left in the third quarter when the Rams and took the lead, 26: 21.

Two teams each scored a free kick, the points difference is 5 points, 29: 24. 9 minutes before the end of the game, the Seahawks completely occupied the initiative in court. First, moving steadily, consumed six minutes to hit the Rams red zone, running back Chris – Carson made a touchdown catch, the Seahawks go-ahead score, followed by two-point conversion failed, the Seahawks lead 1 minute, 29:30.

Then the Seahawks left the Rams 2 minutes 28 seconds, but the Rams offensive group play just 20 seconds, Gerald Everett – Everett did not catch the ball, so the Seahawks security guard Te Deli g – Thompson steals the ball. But then the Rams consumed two suspended, and defense group Taifashenwei guard the Seahawks offense.

Rams offensive group to finally left 1 minute 27 seconds, quarterback Goff without mercy, leash a few long passes rapidly advancing. In the 15 seconds before the end of the game, the Rams won the free kick opportunity 44 yards lore Seahawks, “legs skies” Greg – Zul Ryan debut play, he realized that the Seahawks might interfere with his play called suspended but the Seahawks just did not. Shot wide of the right column, the Rams defeated Seattle 1 minute.

Player data

Rams quarterback Jared – Gough 49 pass 29, 395 yards, 1 touchdowns, 1 steals. Running back Todd – Geer Li 15.51 yards, 2 touchdowns. Gerald Everett – Everett 7 times the ball 136 yards.

Seahawks quarterback Russell – Wilson 23 pass 17, 268 yards, 4 touchdowns. Running back Chris – Carson ran the ball 27 times 118 yards. Will Everett – Disley ball 4, 81 yards.