NFL’s worst free player trading in nearly ten years, 72 million, male, missed

In the next week, the management of NFL is extremely busy. On March 12, they can negotiate with free players, and the free player market is officially opened on March 14th.What is the fans of the fans from the Safety Wei, such as Levian-Bell, Nick-Falls and several weight levels.However, whether a player, the team’s management and the coach group should be much more considered; the player’s own strength, health status, the degree of dependence of the original system, and the fitness of the self-organizing systemWait, it is needed to think that again can be decided.Although some successful signs can make the team going back to change the bones and transformed into a strong; but the contract of failed in the free player in the past decade is everything.We may wish to summarize which teams have taken their eyes in the free market; and which players have finally surrounded by the top ten worst free players to sign a list.

10, Philadelphia Owl team 5 years 60 million signing corner Weimdi-Arthamva (2011)

The Eagle team can call the wind in the nearly two years of free players, and a few signing is very successful. For example, in 2017, Lagarett and Chris were signed, helping them won the super bowl. But dating back to 2011, their performance in the free market can be a hot topic that fans ridiculed; for example, they signed a professional bowl guard in the professional bowl of career, this contract is 60 million, of which the margin is up to 25 million, for a corner, this is a relatively expensive contract.

As the first round show in 2003, Athamva stayed for 7 years in the raid team, I was selected for professional bowls in 2008-201,000, and I have selected the best lineup in 2008 and 2010. Known as one of the best horns in the Alliance. Since the original corner of the eagle Samuel and Rogers Crom Tomiti are already very strong, the joining of Arthmva makes the entire league shocked, a “gold defensive second-line” is formed; even at the same time The quarter-saving Shui Wen, the Jacity team, said that it is “Dream Team”!

However, sports competitions are not willing to receive the effect, and the team competition is especially true. At the age of Arththamva, on the other hand, his style and the team’s defensive coordinator Juan Casti slightly, only two seasons, he was cut by the Eagle. After being cut off by 49 people in December 2013, he was retired; and the big contract of the Eagle team was undoubtedly a drift.

9, Tennessee Titan team 4 years 20 million signing offensive cut off Michael-Or (2014)

Referring to Michael Orl, often do not open the classic movie “weakness”, maybe the management of the Thai team is moved by the plot, thereby choosing the team of the popular players to join their team. However, they did not realize that as the first round of 2009, Ol’s original Dongjia crow team did not choose to renew him, but put him into the free player market, this shows that the Crow team has not intended to stay from the perspective of technology. Lower him. However, in the eyes of the Thai team, Orha is a three-year-old cutout. He has a certain strength, so the team has signed a 4-year worth 20 million, including a 9.5 million guarantee.

Although the amount of this contract is not very high, the performance in the Orchana is not worthy of this contract. He played very hard in the Titan team. After 11 games, he was injured to the preparatory team, and was cut off by the team during the next day. In any case, the 4-year contract is only for 1 year, and this sign is not successful.

It is quite ironic that Ol is signed by the Black Panther team in 2015, and follow the team to enter the super bowl, he is doing it in the process of protecting Kam-Newton, so that everyone is very surprised. . So it seems to be under his “celebrity effect”, there is only a Titan team that has failed.

8, Philadelphia Owls 5 years 42 million Signing Run Demco – Murray (2015)

It is also the eagle, and it is necessary to mention the history of another paragraph. At the time, the head coach Qipper-Kelly had achieved fidel in the past two seasons and then lifted the star, and took the star. Helevocyan-McKay and the outside hand Jieremi Mac, turned, and the heavy gold signed the denim. Team running Guid Morco – Murray. From Murray’s 2014 performance, 5 years of 42 million this contract is no problem, the ball is 1885 yards, 13 shots reaches the ball, and there is still 416 code pickup, this performance is super star level.

But there are two points worthy of discussing. First, Murray ushered in a great outbreak in the year of 2014, and his high data is also accompanied by his amazing touches (392 times, 57 times) Ball), and high quality offensive front line protection also makes him a lot of color; the second, Kelly high-frequency offensive system needs to run more transverse movement, and Murray’s advantage is more than longitudinal breakthrough and outbreak ability. Based on these two points, Murray can have a big question with the team’s perfect tuning, and the facts also explain that this fear is not unreasonable.

The rush is 3.6 yards, the career is new; the total proposal number is 1024 yards, not half the 2014 half! This is the answer to Murray to the Eagle. After the Eagle team fell off Kelly after experiencing a chaotic season, I invited the current coach Dao-Pederson; Murray was also traded by the old Eagle to the Titan team during the offset season. (4 round switches of the two teams).

7. Indianapolis pony team 3 years 21 million signed an external hand Andrew Johnson (2015)

The pony failed in the 2014 season of the Federation of Federation in the Patriot team, and the offensive group received only 7 points and allowed the team to determine the troops, and adjusted the offensive group. They took the old man who took advantage of Rigi-Wayn and the former giants Double sonar, and tried to build a new more energetic ballup. However, the team also clearly relying on new people is far enough, an excellent old will take advantage of the team is still very important for the team; so they gave their attention to the external Texas’ experience Andrew Johnson.

For the late NFL team of Texas, Andrew Johnson is the current team’s first outer hand, and the number of balls under their health is more than a thousand yards. Even in 2014, 32 Johnson, Johnson, also got 3 times in the 15th game. The 7-year career bowl is taken in the twice a year, the troubles caused by the piles are really cut, so the pony team is like a refers to his ability. However, once you have competition in the market, it is prone to premium. In addition to the pony team, the flashing team also looked at Johnson. In order to avoid the generals turned from the team, the pony team quickly opened a contract – 3 years, which was no doubt about Johnson at the age of 33. It is quite surprised.

The pony team seems to ignore a detail, Johnson has also contributed the highest 3 times of his career three times in addition to the total number of jobs in 2014. So, in 2015 we found the magical Johnson from the field “disappearing”, only 503 yards and 4 times, the pony tie will cut Johnson.

6, Pittsburgh Steel Man Team 4 years 20 million signing close-end Arms Rairgra – Green (2016)

Who is Ladaus-Green? This is a good question. If the surrounded by the front is a certain extent, because the player has excellent performance in the past, then the signing of Green is hard to find a reasonable explanation. Since the Shot of the flash in 2012, Green has been playing the role of “successors” after the legendary near-end Feng Antonio – Gates, and in 2015, he put the 429 yards 4 times a performance of 429 yards. Also in the rules, but not in exchange for a 4 year $ 20 million in the big contract!

Perhaps the steel people feel that Green is 25 years old. It has been studying in Gates for four years in Gates. If he makes him, it will not take off! sign! In addition to 20 million contracts, they also gave Green 4.75 million contract bonuses. However, Green’s performance allowed the management of the steel body to face his face; he was hurt in the court, and he only played 6 games in the 2016 season, got 304 yards and 1 time. Did not reach the team’s expectations for his “near-end front”.

So after a season, the Steel Man Team will give Green cut, and Green has never appeared on the NFL bench.

5, Cincinnati Tiger Team 4 years 28 million Signing Exterior Bengleng Antonio – Bryant (2010)

Nowadays, today’s NFL, Beckham’s 5 years, 90,000, the contract record is about to be broken, and 48 million external handle contract is evenly common. However, in 2010, this amount is still very considerable to an external walk, especially for Antonio Bryant. This old brother’s experience in NFL is quite twists and turns; in 2002, the second round of the denim was hoped, but it didn’t play the price. After the transfer of the Brown team, it completed a thousand code season in 2005; 4 years contract signing After the 49 people, after 2007, the drug was not qualified for a whole year. In 2008, he went away by the pirate team, but the wind broke out the 1248 yard to get a prize. When you are disappointed with him, he always breaks through your imagination; when you expect him, he lets you fall in the glasses, this is Antonio-Bryant.

The Tiger team got a beautiful Lianbei District champion in 2009. They wanted to further, even Brines accepted their knees surgery in August 2009, they still won Brines without retrofitting. But very fast, they regretted this impulse decision. If the previous failure sign is a water drift, then at least hear a sound; Bryant’s signing is completely thrown into the wind, and there is no trace.

Why do you say this? Several a few times, I proved their failure on the field, Bryant did not play after the signing of the NFL after signing! He was cut off by the tiger team in the preseason. So when faced with free players, the teams today are cautious, because Bryant is “the first trick”.

4, Washington Red Leader 7 years 100 million Signing Defensive Patio Albert – Heinsworth (2009)

Why set the time node in ten years, because this sign is signed. In 2009, the Red Leather Team was guaranteed to 41 million US dollars in $ 41 million, and the record of the record was signed in Heinsworth, which caused an uproar. Whether it is the amount of this signing, it is also a huge discussion.

Of course, from the ability, Heinsworth is indeed an excellent defensive cut off, especially in 2007-2008, he selected a professional bowl of professional bowls, and was selected for a while. In 2008 he contributed 51 times, 8.5 killing, 3 times to create a ball, and destructive. In that era, there is such a destructive defensive cutaway or extremely rare, so the Red Leather Team will look at him. However, he is too crude to defensive action is worrying. Since the rookie season, he has never played 16 complete competitions. In 2006, he was banned from the head of the jeans in the denim. The field, since then, he was labeled as a “dirty” player.

Worse, Hayin Swarns’ ideas and red leaders are going to find out. He wrote in the letter to the “Player Forum”, he wants to hit the quarterfield more in the game, however, the red briquette coach Michael Salunam only wants him more space. “In Washington, you will lose your enthusiasm for rugby, and then you can’t find it back.” Hein Sworth wrote. As a result, he would like to know that he fell sharply in the Red Leather Team, two years later, he was traded to the Patriots team, “Mr.” 100 million US dollars “is only replaced by a 5-wheel file. However, this is not the worst free market signing.

3, Arizona Sapphire team 2 year 40 million signed four points Sam – Bradford (2018)

Finally, I went to the quarter! As the so-called “hope, the bigger disappointment” Can pick up such a heavy responsibility, such as Sam Bradford, Sam-Brader, Signing, Signing.

When you sign up for these failures of wringing, on the other hand have to admire these excellent managers and marvel at how they are to convince the team to sign these ho about. Especially the Bradford team of managers, once again for him to win a big contract. Heisman + + Offensive Rookie draft pick, Bradford starting point is indeed high, but vulnerable “glass” of his physique has become a fatal weakness, 2013. cruciate ligament injury played only Game 7, 2014. this is the same ligament injured again, early in the preseason will be reimbursed. Even before he left the Vikings in 2017, he also injury played only two games only.

Even so, the Cardinals still be persuaded Bradford team, a piece of paper two-year $ 40 million big contract, and $ 10 million signing bonus in 2018 and $ 5 million bond. In the same year, they selected in the NBA Draft in the UCLA quarterback Josh – Rosen; the team would have a better hope is that Rosen proper study some time behind Bradford, however, proved Bradford Germany is not how the church Rosen air leakage in time to avoid the offensive line eight steals and sack. He only played three games in the Cardinals starting, he was replaced by Rosen, mid-season, the team put him cut; but now it seems that his “apprentice” Rosen also likely to go into exile.

2, the Houston Texans 4 years 72 million signing quarterback Brock – Oscar Wheeler (2016)

I believe the first choice of many fans when they see this “worst free agent signing,” the title in my mind is his right! How could this list there is no “Austrian Emperor” mean? “72 million sir” has become a label of Oscar Wheeler, though he always wanted to break the people’s prejudice against him, but the frustration is that his twists and turns of the story is really impressive, is not he now Dolphin We played two good matches can erode away.

Oscar Wheeler second-round pick in the 2012 Broncos, 2.01 meters tall, broad vision and no lack of mobility, has been the team as the legendary quarterback Peyton – Manning’s successor to develop. By 2015, he was seven times as the first team, outgoing data 1967 yards 10 touchdowns, and led the team to victory in more than tough, the “Oscar Great” from the title would spread; although the season after watching the game Manning and defense group led step by step to get the Super Bowl champion, but this year he is the ability to show or be seen in the eyes of everyone.

2016, also Oscar Wheeler contract year, the Broncos are preparing slowly and talk to him to renew it, then Texans who wanted to cross into the act, four-year $ 72 million contract to give it, where security payments of up to $ 37 million. In the meantime, Austin Wheeler in communication with the Broncos are in a state of “lost contact” in the. The incident was the league formed a sensation, people not only judge the Oswald von seemingly “defective” approach, he is more concerned about the future Texans.

Facts prove that “cause and effect through the bad” or size-fits-all. Oscar Wheeler While Texans starting 14 games and led the winning one game in the playoffs, but his passing yardage of 2957 yards, 15 touchdowns and 16 interceptions and five times by the collision of data off the ball, it makes it unable to match up with 72 million. His performance in Texans team’s too bad that in 2017, Texans and frenzied he signed a six and in 2018 signed two packages sent to the Browns, only in exchange for a four sign. At that time, the main Xi Saxi Browns – Brown said: “For this transaction, we are very pleased to be able to change to a two sign.” Result is not surprising, Austin Wheeler will be cut Browns in 2017 before the start of the season Lose. Today, the “Austrian Emperor” is the word became more ridicule him.

1, Seattle Seahawks 3 years 26 million signing quarterback Matt – Flynn (2012)

Although Flynn of this contract is not Hines Voss and Oslo Wheeler contract so exaggerated, but without compromising him a champion on this list. If a player during the past few years, even last year’s excellent performance in the match, you gave him a big contract, the reason is understandable. But you will because a bench, irrespective of the outcome of the game in a large brush special brush chose to sign him? Seahawks general manager John – Schneider did that, though they have always been known to discerning in the draft, but their performance in the free market really flattered.

Matt – Flynn is a 2008 7 show, four years have been hard on the Packers, both at present and Aaron – Rogers study tactics, playing ball or running cross-handed in garbage time Wei time-consuming, he has done very well. And the “Ge behind the man” was finally in the year 2011 like an opportunity, 15 regular season games, the Packers ho to take 14 wins and 1 loss, locked in advance of the National League championship position; then Flynn was able to irrelevant in the final round of competition starting lineup, and it is the game let Flynn shine, passing 480 yards, 6 touchdowns, leading the team to win the battle of the boom and the Lions. The campaign while Flynn is by virtue of a famous battle.

Despite four years of time, Flynn only 2 garbage screenings starting experience, but the Seahawks or three-year $ 26 million, 10 million margin contracts signed Flynn. The same year, their third-round pick in the NBA draft a not tall, but also a little bit fat quarterback – Russell – Wilson. Facts have proved that their draft vision is really unique, Wilson has grown into a first-class league quarterback and led to get the Super Bowl, while Flynn was in 2013, he was traded to the Seahawks Raiders, was removed several times after fade out of view.