Mystery! Owen renewed the social media again, publish multiple black photos asking: Who am I?

Recently, the record of Nets is very good. At present, there is a position in the eastern part. Although the brigade is in the contest, the Net does not account for cheap, but when the team is in general, the Nets can always It is a very good result, which is a performance of a crown team. And the main one, the basketball player Owen has not returned to the stadium yet, and his absence is a big loss for the team. If there is no absence of Owen, perhaps the record of the Net Net will be more excellent. In the recent returns to the Volkswagen, I updated many social media.

Previously, Owen posted a lot of abstract pictures in their own social media, all of which were related to black people. The black people in the picture are reading a book that I am who is who I am, and a shackles on the blackhead. Photo, there is another mother holding your own child. As regulations, I can’t appear on the court now, but he has been in the first line of public opinion, and Owen has repeatedly speaking on social problems. He is really thinking about something, today’s Owen may really change. Maybe it’s really a fairy. Previously, Marbury had commented over Europe, called him to be proud of Marbury.

However, the lack of Ou Wen is a big loss for the Net network. After all, the team gave him a salary of $ 40 million. This is a lot of space. The Nets still won the first east in the absence of Owen. Therefore, their fans are more unfortunately Owen can’t appear on the court. Owen’s ability, everyone is obvious, this season’s Curre is unparalleled, but when Owen and Curre have played in the finals in the finals in the past few years, it is often stronger than in the Budi, but did not think of today It is the top guard, but Owen is getting farther away from the game, it is really awkward.

However, in the current situation, Owen is still very enjoyable to make social activists, because he doesn’t have some signs of the game. Previously, the high-rise of the Nets was shouting to him in two, I hope that Owen can go back to the field, but Owen is not listening to them, it is still my line. Of course, Owen does not have a point in social activities, but the biggest problem is that Owen is holding the wages of the Net, but there is no role in giving the team. This makes the Net also have a trading his mind. Owen actually has a very space in the transfer market. It is fragrant, and it must be sent out.

Recently, Harden is getting better and better. He completely restores health. For the basket, it is enough to attack Durant and Harden. If there are more European, it is very likely to be at the offensive end, now The basket lack is defense. It is the inner line defensive, like the player of the European. It is still possible to change a defensive inside, and may have begun to negotiate with other teams. If the current Net is able to make up their weakest rings, then it seems that there is only the warrior left.

It is still a word that is often talking about it. If Owen really opened this first river, the NBA star can strike, then this will have a big impact on the official authority. Now the NBA is lacking in two big stars, respectively, Owen and Simmons. The two people really be a wonderful, signed a big contract, but they can’t play on the court. It has caused a lot of harm to her team, but they can’t send it, this really makes the management of the team. Very uncomfortable.

Nowadays, many fans are looking forward to European can return to the stadium, but Owen I think he is a black people’s savior, it is necessary to become Martin-Luther-Gold, but it is necessary to be at least at least within rules, if not in the rules If you can only cause more harm. I hope that Owen can want to understand, return to the stadium as soon as possible!