Can double kill the Lakers, can also defend 73 points, this team is really metaphor

“This is not true,”

“Washington Post” reporter Michael Lee’s twemer represents the vivid of the vast majority of people. 79-152, the Thunder lost 73 points in the bears, I am afraid that most people see this score will suspect whether they are wrong, because this score, this division is really too outrageous.

How do you have multiple leaves? Thunder single field output 73 points is the most tragic record of NBA, and the previous single net negative record is 68 points. Grizzlies only brought 82 points in the penalty area, and the Thunder team added 79 points. In the past 25 years, the Grizzlies are the fourth single-single-in-one team to score more than the opponent’s total team. Grizzlies Today, in the Thunder, Grinders, the team’s history record, their single score, single-field midpoint, single assistance number, shooting hit rate is the new history of team history.

Fans like to take the “mad 58 points” infarction Kris Paul, but in fact, the previous NBA’s worst team is the heat of 1991. At that time, he was defeated by 80-148 in 80-148 in the game with the knight. 68 points. In addition to the Heat, the Trail, the Trail, Warriors, Knicks, Kings, Grizzlies have also lost at least 60 points. Today, the Thunder is directly refreshed and has become a team of 70+ points in history.

The Thunder has encountered such a fiasco today, and there is definite causes of injuries. The number one score for the first time, because of the entered the brain shock process, he won 21.2 points, 5.1 rebounds, 4.5 assists this season, is the main source of the Thunder. In addition, this year’s six show, just elected the best rookie in the last month, Jidi did not play because of his illness, he contributed 10.4 points, 7.2 rebounds, 5.8 assists this season, is the main start of the Thunder offense. .

Originally Thunder this year’s offensive efficiency is almost alliance bottom, the team is best playing, the two backfields that are the highest importance can’t be killed, and the Quality of Thunders know. New Xiu Terre-Mann, Thai – Jerome partner, the Thunder is different from the opponent in the talent.

Originally the defense of the Thunder This year, the defensive efficiency alliance is 13th. But after the Thunder opened, the Thunder was completely lost, and she was launched by Grizzlies at the scene. They were thrown by the opponent’s overall shooting rate and 52.8% of the three-pointer.

To know, today’s Grizzly Core Jia – Molant did not debut because of the injury, the Grizzlies have been given to the foot, and their first five tigers are not more than 22 minutes. However, the Thunder didn’t even defend the Timber-Calfpel that was given up early in the forest, and the season was only 3.7 points, and
the side of the 0.8 assists cut 11 points, 6 assists. Not a gray bear caught the soft hunger, and only whispered himself.

From the beginning of the season, the Thunder entered the reconstruction mode, and General Manager Prabi was as crazy as the magic, and the results did not have the future. For him, the training team’s middle-aged players will help recycling the old will play a value to sell to sell.

However, the Thunder did not like the Philadelphia in that year, the bench is rotten without the bottom line, and the thunder in the past two years is a little fascinating. Last season, thunder only won 20 games, but they won the basket, Knicks, the pioneer, the sun, the fast ship, the Bucks and other teams, like a team, the monk and other teams, they are just I am defeated.

This season, the Thunder kills the Lakers, and the two games are shocked, showing enough toughness, they raise boats, warriors, and ribs, and jazz, although the ball is lost, but they all give the opponent to the opponent. Many trouble.

At the same time, the Thunder has become a victim of the tragedy again and again, and the pedestrians last season have been killed by 57 points, and they have lost 48 points. From last season, the Thunder has lost at least 30 points, a total of 27 games lost at least 20 points, a total of 45 games lost two digits. What is this concept? They lost two digits in 47.8% of the game in more than one season.

Now, the Thunder is already the holder of the three shame history. Last season, they lost 57 points at home, which was the most harmful master of the hometown. Today, the Thunder is mad 73 points, but they not only set a net negative
record, but also a net negative record holder of the road.

In the past two years, Thunder hoarded a group of young players, in addition to Alexander and Giti, others did not entertaire future plan signs. In the next 7 years, the Thunder held 18 first roundabouts, which seem to be bright. But can these first rounds of sign into a new star of the construction of the cornerstone, a famous superstar, no one knows.

Wait until Alexander, Jigdi returne, the Thunder can only win a few teams in a short period of time, and most of the time has become a fiasco, and then wait to change the draft of the team’s destiny. Their final winners will not be as miserable like the Philadelphia in the year, but the future will go through the top 15 of the historical single net negative rankings, you will find that the Thunder occupies at least 2 seats.