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In 19 years of NBA playing, Anthony from Denver Nuggets, became the star of Knicks.

At the same time, he became one of the most fashionable players, and became an absolute superstar in the international competition.

However, when Anthony opened his sixth career journey in the Los Angeles Lakers, there was something that did not change.

“No matter where he is, I am bored,” said the coach of the Spurs, said that he tailored the defensive strategy for Anthony, hoping to limit the ranks of ninth in history.

Throughout the Antoni career, in addition to his iconic smile, there is a business card with jumper masters.

“He is a threat itself,” James is so described, “We call him a sniper, Anthony is this kind of person – do not need too much space, you can shoot with a very fast speed.”

In the 14 seasons of Nuggets and Nicks, Anthony can cut off each year more than 20 points.

The score of 28.7 in the 12-13 season won the title of score. He has cut four 50 points, and just won more than 40 points in 40 games.

“I still can actively be active in the game,” Anthony said, “This makes me very excited, I can do what I want to do in 19 years, the game is full of enthusiasm, I’m full of passion every day, I still become better.”

Although Anthony is absolutely the first person in Nuggets and Nicks, he successfully played in some teams in his recently effective way, and it is used to these days that are not the first person.

This is the reason why his explosive main force of Nuggets has become a high-level role player in the Lakers.

Olympic Champion / Anthony

As the US team has the most medal players, Anthony is the most representative of his highlights for the US team.

Anthony was first played in the dream eight team in 2008, but the real peak period was coming in 12 years.

That year, he was 143.3% and 50% of the 50% hit rate as the sixth person.

Although Durant received 19.5 points in the 8th and 0 negative games in the US team, he had a 26.1 minute field to play time, far more than 17.9 points of Anthony.

At the same time, Anthony has a split in the field of the Olympics, and the third and fourth scores of the third and fourth in history. James and Kobe.

During the Olympic Games, the highlight of his history book was left in the moment of Nigeria.

He was treated by three-pointers in 12 in 12, and the position was scored 37 points in 14 minutes and 29 seconds.

And that game US team has won 83 points.

Anthony’s coach Jim Boeheim in the university and the US team said: “He perfectly fits the sixth role, in the game of the game, he seems to invest 100 three-pointers, it is really amazing.”

Anthony is the second score hand in the history of the American team, as well as the first rebound.

From the 2003 NCAA’s championship to many Olympic Games, Boeheim found that Anthony can adjust himself to fit the team.

Boeheim also said: “I really can’t understand why Anthony has no ball. He is very good as the sixth person in the Olympics, even if he is a bench player, he is also a good score, this is his own Work, so I think this matter is very can’t understand. “

Thunder Rocket Pioneer / Anthony

But in the last five years, Anthony often replaces the team, and even one of them will play in the alliance.

All this is because Anthony is traded to Thunder 17-18 season.

At that time, the Thunder’s head coach Dorno said: “I like Anthony. He is a very good player. At that time, the situation is really difficult, not only for him, this is the whole team, because of his transaction It was completed before the training camp. “

His field has a hand to fall from 18.8 times from the Knicks period to 15 times.

Although the season has received 78 debuts and the first chance of the 6th quarter, he is in the playoffs, and it has been in the incredible 21.4% three-pointer, and the average can only get 11.8 points.

At the same time, he was a brand that was unwilling to change because of the days of the Thunder.

When he asked him if he can replace it, he means a deep answer: “What? I don’t know why I want to say this,, George (Paul George), they said that I have to fight!”

Danno Coach said that this has caused an unfair impact on Anthony’s reputation.

He said, “These hair or substitute things are really bad to him. He is a very good team player. He is an indispensable person in the locker room, and a very sincere man, he asked us to ask us. Everything will do things best to do it. “

He only stayed in the Thunder.

After the transaction and was cut by the eagle, he was a three giant head in the rocket and Harden and Paul, but only hit 10 games.

Two of them were also asked to play as a substitute, and in his career, he had never played a replacement.

Finally, he was in a ruthless transaction to the bull, and then he was immediately sicking.

After a year without a ball, he signed a contract with the support of Lillad and McCaham.

Boeheim said: “I think if the Blazers don’t do this, he will not play, almost no one is willing to give him a chance, then he is completely different in his eyes in everyone.”

Anthony first sent 58 in the first season of the pioneers, and in the qualifying season of the park, the big heart ball in the finals of the garden, proved that he was still the key to the heart.

Boeheim said: “He is too powerful, even in this team, there is not much chance, but he can take the ball in the case of 8 minutes, and the Blazers are also wise to give him. Opportunity, and passed Anthony’s killing three points, this is too crazy. “

Anthony has also played a season for the Blazers and hits 66 replacement in 69 games.

Although the first round of the Pioneer lost to the Nugget, he still played a good result than the Thunder’s first time.

In the case of 23.9 points in the field, 12.3 points, 37.8% of 37.8%.

Lakers / Anthony

Although the Lakers are very bumpy this season, Anthony is a highlight.

After he has finished 18 games (including three first hair), his three-pointer-hit rate came to the best 46.1% in his career.

And his hit rate in the home court with the Lakers’ fans is 53.2%, which is the best data in 30 three-pointers above 30 three-pointers.

Bobovi said to Anthony in the success of the Lakers: “I am really too happy. He is very clear about his positioning, he can find a glowing place, and this is a perfect example. He once again proved him again. Star, he is very good to protect his body, and he can make every team he is here. “

He also cut 15.2 points in the event of 11.2 times, and he was asked as a side-wing player every day until the space was run.

He put a total of 47 three-pointers that were cast, more than one more than the Buck.

James said: “He is able to invest in the ball we want him to enter, and his rhythm is perfect.”

Although he would not isolate the rocket, he was angry in addition to the other 28 other than the Blazers, but he was fully enjoyed at the time of his Lakers.

Anthony said: I think I can’t change my things in the stadium, I don’t need a lot of space, I will find the right space, if there is a chance, my teammates will find me, I will also shoot. Although I am not the first initiator every time, I can also see the game from different angles and find some differences in the game.

Anthony is an important factor in the Lakers this season, and he has entered the discussion of the best sixth person.

When Anthony got more than 15 points, the Lakers’ record was 7 wins and 2 losses.

His influence on the offensive is very huge, because the Lakers get 108.6 points in the hundred rounds he present, far beyond the 97.0 points he is not present.

The positive negative value of this 11.6 is the first, like James.

Boeheim said: “He will never think that he is a character player. His first goal is to score each time. When you get 14-15 points in the 22-23 points, you can actually be a Star. I feel that no matter who needs to have “I am a star” confidence, I believe in myself like him. He has never doubted himself, and it is completely reason to believe in himself. He has proven that he is NBA history. The score of the score on the upper ranking, not everyone can do. “