American League record first? Titans to the playoffs or the number one gift package

When the Titans announced that Derek – Henry tournament due to a foot injury timekeeping, Titan clear Super Bowl hopes were missing, and Julio – Jones also hurt. Although Alabama duo sidelined, they also get a series of powerful enemies Rams and Saints. In fact they had won six straight, including five-game winning streak for the team above .500 until yesterday lost to the Texans determination to put bad.

In fact some of the trends they show of the season, making it difficult for them to become a true Super Bowl contender.

Defensive group

Titan encounter Rams two weeks ago, before the start of the regular season MVP in Staffordshire is popular, but the Titans defense group meal pack, only a single field EPA -0.29, including two in mind stupid steals.

Before the start of the season, after the Titans defensive field a lot of problems, because the main cornerback in Addo – Jackson and Malcolm – Butler left the band, and cut security guard Kenny – Vaccaro. Interestingly, the current Titans team PFF marker ranked second in the league scoring 84.2. Despite the depth of their squad being challenged, especially in the sixth week against the Bill, they let third-team cornerback top the whole game.

Titan red pass seemingly ferocious, Jeffrey – Simmons total pressure lead 46 all inside defender, pure red transmission gesture same number of first pressing.

At present the total number of 210 times the pressure of the Titans ranked second in the league to put pressure on the countdown rate of 31.3%, but only ninth. Because they always hit the ball the wind, so the opponent can only continue to play passing attack, so that they put pressure on brush out pretty numbers, but the efficiency is really impressive, the team PFF pass rush is only the third lowest score. Offseason to sign them heavily red setter Bard – Dupree, obviously not good enough for 16.5 million annual salary.

Defensive coordinator Sean – Bowen seems to have realized this, trying to change the defensive pressure on manufacturing more frequently.

Ten weeks before the season, no team Bi Taitan transposition use more punch pass (153). The reason why so many of transposition pass rush, because the Titans red setter does not often win heads-up, Bowen can only be arranged more punch pass routine. Although they rushed pass in the transposition of manufacturing the high pressure league 87 times, but the reciprocal pressure to prove their seventh fancy red mass effect is very general.

We have to recognize is that this season is difficult to predict the performance of the defensive group. Titans on the road to ram limited to only 16 points, but no home to face Demis – Winston and Alvin – Camara saints, but also lost 21 points.

Harold – Landry III considered by some brick home this year ushered in the breakthrough, after all, ranked fourth in total pressure. However, the indicators that we created called “creating pressure”, he ranked much lower.

“Create pressure” refers to the ability to win purely by personal pressure. So when we excluded those figures no one to stop the pressure and the number of pass rush put pressure on those who rely on transposition or twist punch transmitted, such as routine win, the rest of the figure is the real pass rush hand achievement and protector singled out.

Titan red setter ranking is not very high, if they still rely solely on manufacturing pressure transposition pass rush and move after the kick-off, then the future will eventually eluded capture in the face of the top offensive front.

Offensive group

If the defense team and the defensive front line untenable, that the Titans will rely on the offensive. Henry and Julio lose, they’ll be struggling. I mean, just four single-game steals Ryan – Tanneixier must become the core.

Ten weeks before the Titans team league last PFF pass protection score the third, and the technology is also stretched position. Henry injured, the fans expect the Titans play more passing attack, offensive coordinator Todd – Downing also did not disappoint.

In the past two weeks, the Titans passing offense utilization rate exceeded the previous season’s usage, a very offensive team dependent on the road even more than the average in the league game against the Rams. Henry before the injury, the Titans offensive pavement EPA League top ten, after the injury has been below average. Titan overall offensive EPA has fallen to 18 league, despite continuous withstand Rams and Saints defensive destruction.

As the injured Henry, the Titans offensive worse. EPA offense the past two weeks they are negative, positive score rate also fell. While the Titans began to deliberately increase the passing attack, but did not have a positive effect, this is not a good sign. When they clash with a team like the Jaguars in the second half of the race, they could become a gradual decline of the team.

This weekend’s game against the Texans, Titans betting odds allow 10.5 points, but also such a huge advantage to lose the game, we can see now the Titans real number of combat power.

After losing Julio, Titan except AJ- Brown did not catch the second choice, which is very worrying. Fortunately, they have the easiest schedule to end the regular season. If they can wait until the playoffs Julio and Henry, which will help to attack back on track. Otherwise, the Titans will rely on the defense group, may be the event of a real powerful offensive team, the Titans will be the playoffs, all opponents of “spree.”