Who can sit on the new season?

Last season as a rookie Dude Watson performance is quite amazing, this rookie quad-demand only hits 7 games to complete nearly 2000 yards, throwing 19 records, biography The ball is 61.8%. Although he did not adhere to the entire season because of the injury, Watson has captured a large number of fans and became a big black horse. This year’s draft has also born a group of talented quarters. Nowadays, the preseason has been completed, the team is close to their inspection, and we have done according to these players’ preseason 2-3 weeks. A survival report can be able to sit on the new season, we will look at the election of the show:

Cleveland Brown Baker – Melfield

The preseason 2-3 weeks performance: Zhenyuan Lang Baker-Mayfield 12 passed the 76 yards and 1 copy of the copy to help Cleveland Branda 5-0 overcome the festive eagle. He would only debut in the second half. Cocar Taylor mini relieved him on the top of the first quarter, facing the Eagle’s first-line defensive group, Mefield showed a good reading and foot movement capabilities, the last section Melfeld’s end receiving the brain shock assessment.

Main Coach – Jackson: “In the past two weeks I thought that he saw something in the league is a real game, things don’t always follow what you want, you only need to fight, continue to play, to hold the game. I saw this from him, in the face of pressure, he is competing, this is what I want. “

The first ratio of the first week of regular season: 5%. The first game is still Brown’s first. Taylor is still Brown’s first. Mayfield’s only opportunity is Taylor’s left hand injury. Can not let him participate in the game, but in fact, the training camp Tetile did not miss any training.

New York Jet Sam Darnod

The preseason 2-3 weeks: Darnod is the first in two games, a total of 4 hours. In the face of the main lineup of the opponent, Darnod advanced 148 yards and 1 reached 16 in two games, 27 pass 16, which is already a NFL qualified four-point manifestation. Simple data statistics don’t fully reflect Darnod’s strength, and he is a quite cheerful practice in the game, showing super high talents, good reading competition in the second gear and the third interface, let people forget He is a rookie fact. However, his only did not show us a hitting ability of his far-reaching route, Darnod did not conduct any big code attempts, and the farthest completed passed only 16 yards.

Jet Jacos Na Mas: “My thoughts and most people in seats are the same, since Sam came here, everyone has seen his training, command and game. We are very excited. I like his feet move, he can really complete a good running, not only in your pocket, but also run the pocket to complete the pass, he can accurately pass the ball to the plug-in hand, overall The performance is even. “

The first chance of the first week of regular season: 99%. The so-called public competition of the jet is over, although some people think that Dordo’s performance is not as good as Teddy Bridgewater, but this rookie has completely won the trust of the head coach Tod-Bauce, He is in the three games and 75% of the time to lead a team attack. Now Bridgewater is traded, Darnod has almost no opponent, and there will be, we will wait for Balls to announce it.

Buffalo Bish, Yale

The preseason 2-3 week performance: 25 pass 15 promotes 94 yards 1 to 1 to. The head coach Shien McDemot hopes that Allen started in the game of Cincinnati, thus simulating the first week of the regular season, but Allen was killed 5 times in this game, weak offensive The seven-zero eight defeated, and finally had to end the brain shock assessment. In the second week, in the face of Cleveland Brown, Allaun led the 60 yards in 13 pass 9 in the second line, and also cut 1 Deta.

After losing to the tiger, Allen evaluated himself: “The first time I felt that I was caught up, and their defensive group moved very fast. It really made me open my eyes. The speed of them made me unfair. At the same time, if I can pass the ball in time, we can also have a difference. I can’t represent everything tonight, just as I said, I will continue to grow. “

The first chance of the first week of regular season: 40%. The Bill team was finished after the quaternion. The transaction A.j. McAllen, the current choice of McDemmot is that the adventure makes Allen’s first, or the first Sussen, more stable NNASTON – Pittman. Pittman is the best quarter-free season of preseason, and he is 44 times attempts to pass 33 times, and the 431 yards are promoted and 3 to 1 copy. Considering the performance of the tiger and the attack front line struggled, it seems that Pittman has more opportunities.

Arizona Red Picture

The preseason 2-3 weeks: Rosen hurts the team’s helmet in the training of the right thumb, so there is no play in the third stage of the Dallas Cowboy. The head church Steve Wilkes said earlier this week, he will arrange him on the field at the right time. However, it is clear that the Red Pitch has not developed Rosen’s talent, his pass and control of the ball capacity need to be strengthened. Wilkes wants to see Rosen’s performance, and he has promoted 107 yards in the New Orleans Saint Competition in the second week, but also achieved a reach.

Corner Patrick Peterson: “So far, Josh Rosen’s performance is quite magical!”

The first week of the regular season: 0%. As long as Sam Bradford is kept healthy, Rosen will sit on the field on the field like the season in the new season. So far, he has benefited from it, Rosen proves that he is nothing more than the average level of the league is not unreasonable, and his talent is displayed on the court.

Baltimore Crow Ratar – Jackson

Regular 2-3 weeks performance: Ramar Jackson played unstable in the preseason, but even so, he also made Joe Fraco smelled a crisis. In the game of the Armean Dolphin, Jackson shot a decisive 10 passed 7 in 78 yards and got 1 Deta. At the same time, his foot movement was impressive, and 3 shock pushed 39 yards. However, in the previous two games, Jackson’s passed forward was ill, add 33 pass 14.

The head coach John Hubble said after 27-10 and said: “I think Ramar has a breakthrough today, this is what he is doing in training. It is very good. We haven’t seen it yet. It is a good time to come through his performance, and today’s game is just right. “

The first week of the regular season: 0%. After training camp and preseason, the team’s 11-year old Joe-Vlaco’s first status is still unable to shake, Jackson is impossible to send the first regular season in the array Faro Bill on September 9. Jackson is likely to play in the first week, but will never be the first, because there is his existence, the crow may use some strange tactics.

Pittsburgh Steel Man Kyle Rudolph

Regular 2-3 weeks performance: 23 pass 12, promote 112 yards 1 to 1 to 1 copy. The head coach Mike Tom Lin hopes that Rudolph is more relaxed after the game of Green Bay packaging is more relaxed on August 16, and then the Tennesi Toyan, Lu Dolph did this. He shot very clean and neat, there is no extra action. When necessary, he can run out pocket for pass. The steel team thinks this is a positive signal, and the performance of Lu Dolph will make them see this rookie training value.

James Washington, He and Rudolph are the brothers of Oklahoma State: “About Mason, I like his play style, he always asks me all kinds of attacks, so that we can control Everything. He describes his future life route and what he wants. “

The first ratio of the first week of regular season: 2%. In the next few days, the possibility of this-Rodris Boch and Josh-Dors was inexperitated, and Rudolph will be a team’s three quarter.

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