Trading Owen? The exposure network is still open at the end of the month, when the deadlock is broken

On December 2, Beijing time, according to New York reporter Ian Begley, due to the end of November, the basket network still has an open attitude toward the trading.

“The source of the message revealed that as of the end of the month, the Nets were still open to discussing the trading program that contained Owen.” Ian Begley said.

Because of the refusal vaccination, Owen’s new season has not yet fighting a regular game for the Net. Because Owen can’t comply with New York’s health and safety regulations, the Net is also banned, and he does not let him train.

Even so, Owen still is in my life, refusing to vaccinate the attitude of vaccination. Today, he appeared in the https://www.maillotsbasketfr.comuniversity basketball stadium, watching the game, talking with friends, quite leisurely, look, has already thrown the basket.

The Nets cannot force Owen to make vaccines, and the team is in the team, this is an individual choice of Owen, even if it can’t understand, it can only respect.

In this case, trading Owen naturally is an option of the Net. However, from the current situation, the Nets want to trade Owen, the difficulty is not small. The style and character outside the Owang site makes many teams can’t avoid it. It has been reported that the trading value of Owen has been equal to zero. In this case, how will the soap opera in Owen end? I can only wait and see.