Top 10 MLB Point: Space Man is designed to sweep the red socks

Yang Si wants the whole salt

Yang Si wants the whole salt

On September 10, Beijing time, the American professional baseball big league has 15 games: the bears fight the fellows, the priests fight the battle, the Indians fight the blue bird, the golden waves, the space people fight red socks, red Titar tiger, the Philadelphia team battle, the angel war white socks, the giant battle winemaker, the royal battle double city, Dodge pair of warlo, warriors, the war snake, visit the cavalry battle sportsman, Yangji battle sailor.

[Chicago Cabin Team – Washington National Team]

The bear team first pitcher: Mike Montgomery

National team first pitcher: Eric Ferdy

Washington has been raining,
and today’s double games are intermittent, so tomorrow’s game can not be done or unknown.

Today, the first national team Xie Zer has resisted, the second wing bear team Kalati hits the first full of career, has achieved excellent lead, but the bear team finally defeated forever Cow. The gap between the Bear Team and the Second Sino-Sino-Sino-Central District narrowed down to 2.5 fields.

The bear team first pitched Montgomery last time, the battle, the soldier team, only cast a 4 game, he fell 15 times this season 4-4, the self-sharing rate is 3.43, his career has twice a relay battle The national team, tomorrow’s game will be the first time.

The National Team first sent a pitcher Ferdy is a rookie of the National Team. This season has issued 8 games, and the game will be paid to the battle of the Red Spits 5, and there is no victory. He has been fighting for the courses, and 4 points from 5.1 last season.

[Houston Space Team – Boston Red Socks]

The space team first pitcher: Dallas Kakor

Red Sox First Pointer: Rick Posol

This season may be the last season of Kakor to become a free player. On June 11th, the battle cavalry, Kakor was hit 13, and the 5 points were hit, before his record was 3-8, The self-sharing rate is 4.45, but after that day, his record is 8-2, and the self-blade rate is 2.62. Tomorrow’s game, Kakor is designed to help the team sweeping red socks. Kakor’s regular season’s history of red socks, the historical record is not optimistic, 3 games (2 times) 0-1, self-sharing rate 9.88, but in the last season of the United Federal partition champion battle, the second 5.2 game only lost 1 point Won the victory.

The reddock team has lost two games, losing the series of battles with space people, which is the first home series lost in the 11 series of battles. The reddock team made a pitcher Posolo. This season has got up to 16 winning voters, will be dejected to the danger, avoid being swept. Polylo won the last two first-year competitions, but 10 games have fallen 5 points, 6 times, first-ended record 2-3, and self-sharing rate 5.73. Polylo defeated the space team on June 4, 6.1 Location lost 2 points, and his career battle space team 2 wins and 1 loss.

[Los Angeles Daoqi Team – Colorado Squad]

Dodge team first praised: Ricki-Hill

Luoji team first pitcher: Taylor Anderson

At present, the Taoqi will fall behind 1.5 winners, and the second outer card is 1 win.

The star player Arena, the star player, the recent state of Arrecain, the head of Luoji team believes that he needs rest and adjustment, Alenno’s 5-39 in the past 10 games, no in the past 13 in the past Any placement.

The Sylge team is in the first hand of the Pitcher Anderson. The Rocky team has lost 7 Anderson’s first competition before, Andon’s record is a terrible 0-4, the self-blade rate is 8.31, until the last time I first sent the battle giant, there was no victory, Rocky The team was 9: 8 to overcome the giant team to end the losing, the game Andon 5.1 bureau 7 three vibration 0 guaranteed 6 security. 3 points. Since July 5th, he has not got a winning investment in 10 consecutive games. He first sent 28 games this season, and the Rockey team won 11 wins and 17 losses. This season has three games in the battle channel 1-0, and the self-sharing rate is 2.84. On the game, he vicked 6 games only 1 point.

The Dodge team first sent a pitcher Hill to the game of the game 4 points, but the Dodge team won the game 11: 4. This season Hill’s first game Daoqi is 9 wins and 10 losses. Two of them are lost to Rocky. His career has never taken a winning investment, 6 games 0-4, and the self-sharing rate is 5.45.

[New York Yangji Team-Seattle Sailor Team]

Yang Biece First Pointer: CC Shabuya

Sailor Team First Pointer: Erasmo – Ramirez

When the Bay Maqin arrived in Seattle, he almost lost his luggage, but he found back the feel of the stick. The first game hit the first home base after the Branch member, the 2nd game Hat out the first base opening home, two game Yang Bay team won the victory. If tomorrow’s competition team has achieved victory again, it is not just a swept in the series, but the regular season swept, June Yangji has swept the sailor once at home.

Yang Bay team first pitched the Sahsian career 28 counterfeit sailor team 14-6, the self-blade rate 2.57, including 14 of the Saffco Stadium. In the recent 8 times of the Seattle Sailor Saffco Stadium, Shabasia received a 7-0, the self-sharing rate 1.13 excellent record, 7 lost less than 1 point.

The sailor team first pitched Lamires career to the battle Yang Bay team 17 times 2-2, self-blade rate 3.66, two of them, his record is 2-0, self-sharing rate 1.13. The sailor team has 5 points in the past six games. It has now been behind the second outer card sports team 7.5.