Three points 5 in the 0 season worst! Durant two knots 21 in the middle of the key balls, nearly 3 battles, 0 three points

Beijing time on December 1st, even though the New York Derby Basket Network 2 points Resorts, but as the core of Durant performance is half-way, this service Durant contributes 27 points 5 rebounds 9 assists 1 cap data, but only 23 in 9 Expeed star, especially outside the three points, 5 in the three, three, plus
free throw 9, let him get 27 points to Harden 34 points in the second high.

It is worth mentioning that Durant has rendered the performance of this three-point 5 in this three-point 5, and there were two single field 0 three points for the last 3 games. The previous November 25 Durant three points 4 in 0, The creative season is at least 5 times three points in the first time. Confused Durant’s 17-game purchase before the season, there is no doubt that Durant’s recent three-point quasi-star is not good.

Faced with the New York Word of Knicks, Durant’s first half performance is extremely downturn. He only has 6 points in 6 points, more at the time of iron mode. On the 12th of the 12th of the 12th of the 8th, the score pillar of the basket online, Durant undoubtedly unable to adjust its own offensive status.

Fortunately, I entered the second half of the game Durant had a warming. He continued to find a starry in the outside line. With outstanding CCD and the continuous breakthrough, he brought 21 points in the next two games, especially the last moment, continuous dedication twice. The key to the offensive pillar of the next half of the basket.

In the second half of Harden, only 6 minutes, Durant’s next half, so that the Net is not suppressed by Knicks. It is just that the two sides have always bite all the strips, and ultimately, with the help of James Johnson’s key two punishments, the basket is involved in the position of the opponent to stabilize the first position.