MLB23 Summary: Vi Dugo double-sounded 绝 洛 基 蓝 蓝 鸟 惊 红 红 红 红

On June 23, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Union conducted 15 games. The results are as follows: Shuangcheng 5-3 Royal, Angel 2-4 Sapphire, Metropolitan 10-2 Pearl, Blue Bird 8-7 Red Sox, Pride 3-6 Pirates, Marin 5-3 Philadelphians, Ray 2- 4 sportswear, Tiger 0-2 Indians, Jinxi 8-4 sailor, red 5-6 winemaker, Warriors 13-9 National, Space Man 5-7 Yangji, Rocky 4-5 Dodge, White Sox 5 -6 Rouvery, Giant 5-4 Rail Snake.

Atlanta Warriors 13-9 Washington National

The first bureau, Juan Sodo’s point and Matt-Adams’s two-point guns let the nationals have achieved 3 to 0 perfect opening, the third bureau, Taylor-Flavos, Yangchun, the warrior breaks the scratch. The third game of Juan Shero allows the national expansion leader. After that, Marcius and Fremman’s timely place will shrink to 1 point.

The fifth bureau has been attacked by the joint bureau to attack 3 points, but the seventh place is once again fired, and the situation is full, and the base is chosen first. The second base of Riman will pull the score. The population of the seventh game made the national re-lead, but after this, Kamo’s second base is playing, and the three-way gun of Swansen makes the warrior to reverse it, and the final team crushed the national returns to the five% win. Wish.

Colorado, 4-5 Los Angeles Daoqi

On the first game, Nolan-Arena’s toddle gave Rocky to get the lead in getting ahead, and the second bureau will take the slogan to pull the score. On the Third Bureau, Ian Daysmond’s sanctuary and Murphy’s point of Murphy let Rocky have again achieved exceptional, the third game, Jaster, Turner, let Dodge are close to score. The fifth bureau, the Yacchman’s Yangchun can make the Spring cannon to pull the score, but the seventh game Shang Lameore-Tabia’s Yangchun cannon makes Rocky ahead, the eighth game under Matti The key point is to make the road to equalize. The 11th Bureau of the extended competition Alex-Vurogo completed a single field twiller, Dodge has two consecutive days to see the home base to kill the opponent.

Minnesota Shuangcheng 5-3 Kansas City Royal

The second bureau, Mi Gal-Sano’s Yangchun cannon makes the double city leads the lead in achieving leading, the eighth game on Jack-Kraft and CJ-Cologne’s spring cannons make the score into 3 to 0. In the eighth place, the royal family set off the offensive. In the case of one, the second base has two out of the way, Alex Gordon’s second base is played with Hunter Duke’s sanctuary. The tenth game of the prolonged match, Cologne and Eddie Rosario, the Shuangcheng away from the tournament.

Los Angeles Angel 2-4 St. Louis Palm

In the fifth game, in the case of one or 2 bases, the angel Pither Pena took the pass mistake, and the rickets were directly 2 to 0 lead. The sixth bureau’s two-point guns in Mass Ozun allowed to expand the score into 4 to 0. The seventh place Shang Yale Bette-Pu Hosheng Yangchun cannon, returned to St. Louis him with home. Returned the fans, the eighth game Shang Justine-Opton also brought the Yangchun gun, but the final angel was still not low in the away.

New York Most 10-2 Chicago Bear

The first game, Lete Alonso, the 26th of the individual season, Alonso became the most rookie of the Battle of the Metropolitan team, and 26 bombard also broke the 2017 CD-Belin The home base before the national union cuisine is a record. In the case of some people who have someone in the second game, Jeff McNeil’s gains will be 3 to 0 leaders. The third bureau, Todd, Fraser, made a two-point gun. After that, McNeil and Complete’s point of mind let the metropolis will lock the victory, after which Wilson-Ramos also slammed a two-point gun . The seventh place under the situation of the bears is only a double kill, and the score of the ninth bureau is also unable to reverse the battle.

Miami Madin 5-3 Philadelphia Philadelphians

The third bureau on JT-Riddel’s Yangchun cannon breaks the deadlock, the third new container-Harper and Lis-Hoskins stand back to the home base to reverse the score, the fifth game Anwind allows Philadelphia to expand its lead. However, the seventh place to complete the anti-super superchard, the eighth game in the eighth game, the eighth game, the eighth game, will lead the team to expand the team, and finally defeat the Philadelphia in Philadelphia.

Toronto Blue Bird 8-7 Boston Red Socks

In the case of 1, 2stro, there is a continuous settlement of the socks, Bradley, Chavez and Benecondys’ sanctuary let the socks achieve a 5-0 perfect opening, the third game under the next Cristi An – Wawzquez knocked out the 10th ethics of the personal season. The fourth game on the small Auli Aier blows the blue bird counterattled horn, the seventh place, Garves and Trez each knocked out the home running near the score.

On the 8th game, the key moments of Call – Bi Qiao make the blue bird to complete the score, after the base is full, Eric So Bede and Grero continuously select the four-bad ball and press the score, the ninth – Bugosa’s second base is playing once to see the red socks, but the final JD-Martinene is gone to see the three vibration, and the red socks have been reversed by the blue bird in the home court.

San Diego Priest 3-6 Pittsburgh Pirate

The fourth game of Chamen Mihardo’s Yangchun cannon breaks the scratch, the fifth bureau, Jose, Otus, to complete the piracy. The seventh game on Fairan-Tatis’s high-flying sacrifice assigns a priest to raise the score. However, the eighth game under the continuous security of the pirates is again leading, and Jiang Zhenghao’s high flying sacrifice will rewrite the score into 6 ratios. The ninth board of Market does not help the priest of the priest.

Chicago White Sock 5-6 Texas City

The first game on the white socks captured the full base, Tim Anderson and Yurmo Sanchez’s continuous second-volume playback allowed the team to achieve a 4-0 perfect opening. Under the leadership of Nomar Mazara two, the tourist will shrink to 1 point. On the third bureau, Mazara used a single double-resistant to equalize the score, the sixth game on Tim Anderson’s Yangchun cannon makes the white stockings again. In the case of some people in the sixth game, the Shuangxin and De Hillz continuously arranged in series to let the cavalry completed the anti-super, the final tour cavalry hosted to win the white socks.

Tampa Bay Ray 2-4 Auckland Sports Home

In the case where there is someone in the second place, Robie Grossman’s security makes sportswells first. On the third game, Cui Zhiwan’s high-flying sacrifice assigns the rays to equalize the score, the third bureau lower Matt Chapman’s Yangchun cannon makes the player again leads. The seventh place Shangchuan’s Yangchun cannon makes the light again, but the seventh place is in the second base of Matcha, the sports home is once again exceeded, and the Raount – La Razziano was Tattoo ball is guaranteed, and the sportsist squeezed the insurance points and also locked the victory.

Baltimore Gold Of 8-4 Seattle Sailor

The first bureau’s Bennier Vogerbucks’s second base will let the sailor lead the sailor, the fourth game Shang Jonan – Viar’s three-unit gun makes the 金莺 完成. On the sixth game, Shang Anthony Santander made a two-point gun, and the sixth game rely on the opponent’s critical mistakes. In the case of some people who have someone in the eighth game, the key to Albert’s key security is six points. Since then, Domango-Santana’s Yangchun cannon and Smith’s second base will not change the fate of the sailor home.

Cincinnati 4-6 Milwaukee

On the first game, Delik Ditrich’s Trick’s Trick is the first to lead the lead. Since then, the two-point guns of Puig have been perfectly opened. However, the first place in the first place in the Yangchun cannon rate of Graniro, the winemaker set off against the counterattack, the mistake of the guerrilla hand made the team more than 3 points, and the winemaker completely completed the opposite. The third bureau’s Yangchun cannon punch, the fourth game, the fourth game, the two-game base, and Kane’s security series, the winemaker is again exceeded, the fifth game, the point of Sudiaz, the points, the points, the difference is small to one Points, but the final winemaker’s cowship combination is still the difficult victory.

Detroit Tiger 0-2 Cleveland Indians

The second bureau, Jose-Ramirez’s three bases, let the team take the lead in achieving leading, the third bureau’s point of view of Oscar Mado makes Indians to expand their leadings. The two sides of the game have knocked out 6 security, and the tiger has 9 counts of people. There are 0 players. The Indians first put their pitcher Alon – West Valler ushered in the big league, 6 games, 6 times, Sanzhen, no loss, win cast.

San Francisco Giant 7-4 Arizona Snake

After the first game, the snake relied on the branch of the bureau, and the other side exploded the second base. Since then, Jones and Walker are stringing the fraction of the joint. In the case of 1 or 2, the snake is used in the fasteners, Esco The Pakistan successfully stolen the split, the snake was perfect for 3 to 0. On the second game, Alex-Dickson’s second base and Crawford’s peaceful series, the giant recovered two points. On the third bureau, Dickson and Crawford, such as the Fair, 3 points, transfer the giants to complete the anti-superchard.

The third bureau’s point of Espoba has reduced the difference to 1 point, but unfortunately, the ninth board of Mike Yastezski makes the giant lock the victory.