MLB13 Summary: Two teenage initial boarding boards will win the vote of space people to win the game

On May 13th, Beijing time, the American War of the Great Alliance has conducted the game of the last game of this week. The 15 game specific scenes were as follows: National 0-6 Dodge, Indians 5-3 Sports Home, Sailor 2-11 Red Socks, Angel 1-5 Jacquard, White Socks 5-1 Blue Bird, Yangji 7-1 Ray, Tiger 5-3 Shuangcheng, Tiger 5-15 Space Man, Philadelres 6-1 Royal, Pirate 10-6 RedTits, priests 7-10 Rocky, 4-6 giants, Warriors 5-3 Rattles, Marin fish and Metropolis competitions due to rain delay.

Warrior 5-3 Rail Snake

In the second bureau, the warrior took the lead in scoring the advantages of the whole game, because Simia was sent back to the three-final teammates, the warrior 1-0 slammed snake. In the third bureau, I got the turn to Kamogo. This time I sent two points, 3-0; Flolls won the team 4th, 4-0.

In the fourth place, the two-point gun of Kelly and Jones, let the sound of the snakes are just 1 point, 4-3; but in the eighth game, it is Florisk, he knocked out three Bashang, the warrior, the warrior has achieved key scores in the end of the game, and finally the warrior is defending the advantage.

Pride 7-10 Rocky

An offensive battle in Guohi District, the second bureau is second to score, McMama’s second base is played with Wats’s first base, and the Blekmund seventh bombing score came to 0- 4; the second half of the fourth place, the second home base of Black Mon single field, 1-5.

In the seventh place, Dickson and Garcia’s Anga Master chased 2 points, 3-5; but the second half of the seventh place, Murphy’s second base is a clearing package, Rocky instantly achieved 5 points, 3 -8; However, Rocky’s offensive has not finished, the two-point gun of Tapia has 2 points, 3-10.

In the first half of the ninth game, the priest is more than the super reversed, first in Garcy, 1 point, 4-10; Leyes slammed the three-unit gun, score near 7-10; regret is that the final priest failed to score again .

Pirate 10-6 Sapphire

Pirates were reversed in the last two games. In the first half, the recent state of the brave Bell returned to the score, the pirate 2-0 ramp; the second half of the first bureau, Gold Schmidt used the 10th volume of the 10th project of the season to chase the score 3-2; Second Half, Jose – Martinez’s two-point gun makes the red scitch and leads 3 points, 3-6.

In the seventh place, the pirate rely on Bell again, this time is a more ferocious home run, three-way guns, the score, 6-6; after the Fraser 2,0ys again, 8-6. In the first half of the eighth game, I sent back to two points on Molan Jin, and the final pirate 10-6 defeated the colored ramp.

Philadelphians 6-1 Royal

The game Philadelphians temporarily raised the small alliance newcomer Pitcher Cole Eros, the first big alliance, he showed excellent performance, after the 7.0 bureau was played 5 security, only lost 1 point to send 5 times three times and 1 time Boot, win the big alliance career.

In the second half of the third bureau, although 文 失先 失,, Gordonan hits 1 point, but then with the support of teammates, the fifth game is half-1, establish a winner, plus pitcher himself Excellent play, no more opportunities for Royal score, thus winning the game.

Route 5-15 space man

The tourist was won by 10 points. Springer is not blocking state, 5 players in the whole game, 4 points, attacking 4 points, I also ran back 5 points; the second stick Bradman also excellent, 3 security 5 points to run back 2 points, the space of the space helped the team to attack 9 points.

The spaceman first sent a pitcher Kribin-Martin also harvested the first victory of the big league, and the 5.1 bureau was hit by 3 to play with a 1st point, and 9 times of three vibrations and 1 time delivery.

Tiger 5-3 Shuangcheng

Double City This season, the most eye-catching hand, Perez finally took the first time in the next season, 5 games lost 3 points in this game, and bombarded 2 projects. Double city strokes are unpredictable in the first six games. In the seventh game, Gudrum’s sacrificial tamping and Kabrera’s alarm makes the tiger one degree 5-0 lead.

The second half of the seventh place finally found the attack state, Adrianzan Zangchun broke the scratches, 5-1; Baxton sent back to the second point, Gonzalez boiled back to the third minute, however, with cloning Being three vibration, Shuangcheng did not equal the score, and finally closed the defeat.

Yangji 7-1 rays

Last season, Sikan suddenly lost in the face of the evil empire, although it sent out the excellent 12 three-vibration, only the 4 pans were knocked out, but lost 2 points. The Yangji first-year field will show a great strength, and 7.0 games only lose 1 point and guarded the victory.

In the first half of the fifth game, the Yangji took the lead in attacking 2 points, the sixth bureau slightly pulled 1 point, but the rays were significantly lost in the final stage, and the eighth game was given to the opponent 1 point; The top of the ninth board, the home running, Urila’s second base is playing, and the high flying sacrifice of Gardner is 4 points, and finally the end of the game, lost the game.

Sailor 2-11 socks

JD-Martinnes, did not find the best offensive status this season, knocked out two home runs, I don’t know if I started from this game, returning to the forefront of the most fierce player.

The second half of the first game, JD-Martinens uses a Yangchun gun to pull the score for red socks, 1-1; Chavezan fought back to the second point, after which there is no longer behind the socks.

In the first half of the fifth game, Narvad is also knocked out the Yangchun gun for the sailor, the score came to 2-4; the second half of the fifth bureau is Chavez, two points, the one base, the base, continue to expand the red socks Leading advantage, 2-6; seventh bureau and eighth bureaus, Chavez knock out this third security, the audience got 5 points; while JD-Martinnes slammed the second sound, eventually Red socks big win the opponent.

National 0-6

This game is a personal performance of Dodge Pitcher Liu Xianzhen. He has finished 8.0 bureaus. It is only to play 1 safe, and the national audience will hit this only place; and Liu Xianzhen also sent 9 three-vibration, only There is 1 guarantee, and the Dodge did not give any opportunities for the national score.

Dodge attacked 1 point in the second bureau and the fourth game, in the second half of the eighth game, Sigge stabilled guns, instantly let the team stand in an invincible place, 0-6; final terminator Jensen In the case where there is no rescue point, it will be easier to win.