MLB-Red Socks 4-3 Remaining Yangji Melan Championships will fight space people

On October 10, Beijing time, the 2018 season’s US duty wander League season, the fourth consensus of the “Fat Socks”, which was previously defeated by the majority of the majority than the main family, has made the other part. The game, if this will end your own playoffs, you will end your own playoffs.

However, there is no big pressure of the huge pressure, and there is no explosion, it has formed an offensive wave in the end of the competition, but it has not been able to save the situation of the loss. Once again by https://www.b2bshopp.comthe other person at his home, 4-3 Finally, we ended all the journey of this hundred-win season. The reddings who won again will enter the Meidian Champion Series with the total record of 3 wins and 1 losses, and move towards the target of the fourth world competition in the new century.

[Data Highlight]

Yangji pitcher CC-Sabasia was retired by red socks early early

Yangji pitcher CC-Sabasia was retired by red socks early early

New York Yangji:

The foundation was made by the old CC-Sabsia complicated with the first time. Since the identity of the winner in 2008, Although Shabia has faced red stockings in the regular season, this is his first time with each other. The playoffs meet. In this game, Shabia only completed 3 games, knocking out of 5 security by the other party, throwing 3 points and full self-blame, and his biggest problem is that the last player can not solve the last player after the two games, have to be in advance by this Fang Dream cattle shed.

In terms of offensive, Yangji has adjusted the line, and Alon Hicks returned, and the two left-Rhettier Walker and Brett Gardner were first discharged. Even so, Yangji still did not find the “Bronx bomber” offensive momentum, only in the 9th game, the other party is still nervous, and finally only playing 5 security, regrets to lose the game with 1 division It can only accept the cruel fate by ruthless elimination.

Boston Red Sox:

The selected first-year-old pitcher, the first-handed pitcher. However, Polylo’s playoffs, 12 games in the entire career, including four first hair, Polylo is always difficult to win, and the self-sharing rate is more than 5.33. In this game, Posotho just used 65 ball investment 5, and was hitted 4 security. After losing 1 point, it was shipped to the cowshed relay. The last self-blade rate came to 1.59, far below him before. The 7.56 of the sock season next time has also successfully obtained his first season.

In terms of offensive, the inland of the red socks returns to the first configuration of the series, and the catcher continues from Christian – Watzkz first. Although the firepower output of this scene was not yesterday, but also hit the other 8 security play and got 4 points, and he also cited the 12th Senuch of the other’s pitcher group.

[Competition process]

The first half of the game, after the two games, the three, four stick Steve Pierce and JD-Martinens played back to the back, the fifth rod, Bugocat, I also selected four Bad insurance, red socks capture the base in the first game. However, the next rod, Ian-Kinsler, built the first ball of the pitcher, the first ball of the pitcher, and the base got the third number, and was shocked to hold the semi-bureau.

1 The second half of the game, the foundation of the base, but was successfully completed by the other party, and the two sides did not score in the first bureau.

After the two games, after the two games, the capture Wazcz was sent to the base, and the Muqi-Bates played a high-speed ball to be killed, and the red socks still did not have a drop.

The second half of the bureau, the same two out of the bureau, the first first-year-old Nier Walker played the first place of the team, but the next Garry-Sanchez played the ground to get the ball by the other party Passing the first base, the Yangji is caught in the third number of the number.

In the upper half of the 3 game, the two-game red socks started to start, and the offensive connection was completed. The first shot of this Council, Andrew Benineti sent a homework by the tentabed ball in Sabasia, and the next stick Steve Pierce as the left knocked star, successfully played the help of Benertys Promoted to the third base, after which the JD-Martine Sacred sacrificed trotted back home, the red stockings realized 1-0 lead.

After the two out of the game, the red socks continued to start offensive, and the second base of Isan Kingsler was played back, and the Steve Pierce who came to the third base was returned to the home base. The player Edward – Nounes’ actions, I also ran back home base, to the end of this Council, and the red stockings have established a leading lead.

The second half of the 3 games, the Yangji line still does not have any as an example, and the other party will send three three times.

The 4 games were in the upper part, and the Kanji changed down to Sha Basia, and the cow shed was played. However, Zach-Brilton came up from the other party to Zetzkez, and then lost 1 point. Fortunately, the three players behind the red socks were caught out, and the Yangji was temporarily stabilized.

The second half of the 4th Bureau, the first-player Alon Jaqi played the flying ball, but the subsequent Didi Graygius faced the first ball of the pitcher, knocked into the second base of the Chinese and foreign country, Yang Basica First capture a little bit. After that, the next Cove Stanon’s assisted Didi advanced to the three-base, however, the fifth rod, Woiit, once again played the ball, the ball was caught out, Yangji missed a good score opportunity, 0-4 Continue backward.

The 5 bureau is in the upper half, and Zon Bocood has a paid contribution after an out of the game, but the two players subsequently captured, and the red socks did not form score.

Gary Sanchez took the lead in playing the second base

Gary Sanchez took the lead in playing the second base

The second half of the 5 bureau, the offense of Yangji finally improved, breaking through the deadlock of zero. After a bureau, “Xiao Haw” Gary-Sangchez played the second second base to beat the team, and promoted to the three-speed base with the help of Grayber Torres, after the ninth stick Brett Gardner’s high-flying ball assists smoothly. Run back home, and take the first point for Yangji. Unfortunately, this scene returned and hit Alon Hicks, who had been fighting 9 goals with a pitcher, playing a flat flipball, the Yangji only got 1 point, still replaced by 1-4 Socks.

The 6 games were half a bureau, and the foundation was replaced by David Robertson, and he gave him a half-game in the first three in the San Site.

In order to ensure victory, red socks also choose to use cow shed pitcher to replace Poslo, replace the upper three-three-three sessions, and temporarily curb the Yangji. Anti-attack momentum.

In the upper half of the 7 game, Robertson took a four-bad ball after the two hopers of the other party, and the other party strongly hit JD-Martinens to the first base. At this time, Yangji immediately selected the replacement, from Delin-Betan, and he successfully solved the third player and maintains the previous score to enter the next game.

Quasi-MVP Muqi-B & B completed the wonderful gaze end 7

Quasi-MVP Muqi-B & B completed the wonderful gaze end 7

The second half of the 7 bureau, Ryan Brest succeeded on the game, and he also gave a half-game for Yangji.

In the middle of the 8 games, after a bureau, Edward Du Nounez played the second base to beat, and the Jieky-Bradley was successfully hit. In both bureaus, two bases have a situation, Yangji choose to ensure Muqi-Bates, and the red socks will once again capture. However, the second rods of Beneterti were successfully successfully successfully successfully, and the Siki held this Council without a drop.

First, Pitcher, Saier, the eighth game

First, Pitcher, Saier, the eighth game

The second half of the 8 games, in order to ensure victory, the red socks have launched the team’s number one trump in Chris Sersel on the field. And he also completed the relay in a three-three three, and continued to die in the offensive firepower of the Yangji.

In the middle of the 9 bureau, Yangji replaced with the end of this party Atrimi Chapman, and his achievements also gave the other party three three-stroke, complete his own task.

The second half of the 9 bureau, the red stockings are also played by the Terminator Craig – Gold Breil. But when he came up, he appeared in the situation, first bothering Alon Jaqi, and then knocked out the place by Didi Gregourius. After that, after the first base of Luke Voit, Yangji realized the first time in this game, and therefore formed a good counterattack situation.

In the face of complex situations, Jinbreier seems to be a little nervous, facing the next rod, Walker, the first goal forms a tentarelet, and delivers 1 to each other. Then, the turn of the generic-Sanchez, who was smashed with the pitcher, playing a high-flying sacrifice, sent back a runner, Yangji is only 3-4. However, in the face of the last number, Jinbreier stabilizes emotions and re-founds the ball feeling, making the player Grayber Torres playing the ball out of the game, thrilling red socks, holding 1 difference victory.

[Two sides starting]

New York Yangji:

First stick: Chinese and foreign wild hand Alon Hicks

Second Bar: Right outside wilder Alon – Jiaqi

Third Both: Guerrilla Didi-Gregus

Fourth A: Specifies the strike Ji’an Carlo – Stanton

Fifth good: a barrier Luke – Woit

Sixth stick: three bases Neil Walker

Seventh stick: Catcher Gary – Sanchez

Eighth rod: Barrier Grayber Torres

Ninth, left outer wilder Brett Gardner

Boston Red Sox:

First stick: right outside wilder Muqi-Bates

Second Bar: Left Outer Wilder Andrew – Bene Tau

Third Bottom: A barrier Steve Pierce

Fourth: Specifies the hit JD-Martinez

Fifth good: guerrilla comment – Bogotz

Sixth: Two bases Ian – Kingsler

Seventh: 3rd based Edward Du Nounes

Eighth rod: Chinese and foreign wild hands Jieky – Bradley

Ninth Bat: Catcher Cristian – Watzkz

[Next prospect]

As the final winner of the series, the reddock is advanced to the Meetian Champions Series. The opponent is completed in another partitioned series of Houston Space people sweeping the central champion Cleveland Indians, and this series will Further test the strength of the red stockings, it will be a more complete first round value and its fantastic coward lineup that is not less than Yangji. The first game of the series, the other party should send the “big magic” Justin-Wrand’s first shot, last season is due to his existence, space talents have the opportunity to win the final world contest. Compared to last year, the power of space people improved the first floor, and the income of both parties should be fierce in Mars.