Lightning When the family is running, Melwando is planning to report this week.

September 26 (Text / ESPN Compile / White) Melvin Gordon’s reference program is more advanced than before. On September 25, local time, the league sources revealed to ESPN, and the Los Angeles Lightning Ace runs Gorden will go to the team on Thursday on the 26th. But at the same time, the news also revealed that Gordon will not participate in the fourth week of the game, but he plans to return to the game with his teammates.

A source has also told ESPN reporter Jo Nuna Anderson, Gordon plans to come back at some time in October, but now there has been a change. At this time, Gordon felt that the best stage showed his best is on the football court. According to the Alliance, Gordon must not return to November 29, 2019.

In the case of Gordon, the flashing team has encountered a ward of two losses, average the ball 111.7 yard rankings 13th, the team uses Austin Ekeler, 160 yards) and Justin Jackson (Justin Jackson) 142) Combination fill Gordia. At the same time, 26-year-old Gordon is still insisting on the contract negotiations. Gordon’s broker gets lightning license allows him to negotiate, but there is currently no agreement.

Gordon will get $ 560.5 million in the last year of the rookie contract, before the beginning of the new season, Tom Telesco will announce the team will postpone the negotiations of Gordon, until the end of the season . Now Gordon returns to the team, he will also play in the current contract.

There is no doubt that Gordon hopes to get a top running guard contract to compensate for his contribution to the team as a first-class running guard. Like the annual salary of $ 13 million to 14 million dollars. In fact, in the summer, the flashing team has provided a new contract to Gordon. This contract may let his current salary have doubled, reaching 10 million US dollars, but this obviously can’t meet Gordon’s appetite.

Gordon is a strong three-speed running guard. In 2018, Gordi played a high-efficiency season, although 4 games were absent, but he was advanced in the fifth of the NFL in 14 Ranked League Ranked League. The running guards in the professional bowl have said that hopes to stay in Los Angeles, but the premise is that both parties have to achieve a decent contract.

In the 2019 season, the flashing team is a slow-hot opening, and has been behind the same pair of Kansas City chiefs two winners. Although the combination of Extra and Jackson has also achieved good results, but at this time, Gordon returned to the snow.