Can’t have family! James is really anger, and the female fans are found on the spot. Please respect the players.

The Lakers and Pacers have already dropped, but an episode in the game is also helpless. The Lakers’ star James is suffering from the fans in the game. Then James appealed to the referee, this female fan was expelled. .

Retrospective, James is undoubtedly the master of this game, and the continuous three-pointers in the overtime stage make the Lakers in an invincible place. But the conflict with female fans in the game, became a point in this game, and the fans said something very much, so that James was so angry.

According to netizens, the main reason for James is due to this female play, cursing James’s big son, Brandi car accident, this kind of words is really angry, now it is estimated that most fans have been able to understand James strongly Female fans and let the referee have made a decision of the expelter female fans.

In the face of the prunity of the referee, this female fan has fairly innocent. It has always been a mouth, and people who don’t know have thought that this female fan has been bullied. In fact, James is the largest victim. As the saying goes, the fans don’t worry, this girl’s fan is too much, how can a father to tolerate someone to curse their son!

Perhaps this place curse the deep stinging of James’s heart, so James appeared directly with a referee to identify a female fan. James also played the biggest skill in this game, 44 minutes, 39 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 steal, 2 caps, 29 shots 13 times, among them, three points 12 times Hit 5 balls, free
throws 9 penalties 8, personal abilities have been perfect.

The 37-year-old old will really shine fever, facing the insults and curse of the fans, James did not lose understanding, please referee hosted the fair, with the most rational method to handle extreme events. The ball also called on all fans to give the player’s most basic respect. After all, the can’t be familiar with the family, and then the ball is not right.

Do you give James a few points for James?

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