Braddy VS Rivers or Welcome to the Snow Battle Powder The oldest quadruple governance? Who is it?

This makes people to think of the winter in 2002. At that time, the patriots got 11 wins in the regular season, and their first game was at home to fight the raid team. That temperature is lower than 7 degrees of zero, and accompanied by large-scale snowfall, it is conceivable that the score of the two teams is also surprisingly low. Until the third quarter left, the Patriots team took 3-13 behind, Braddy led the team to pull the tide in the fourth quarter, and 6 yards were reduced to only 3 points. Just less than 2 minutes left in the game, the classic scene has appeared, and the Brady passed the rebel, the defenders, the army, Charles Woodson, led to the ball, the raid team grabbed the ball; but when Value Master Water Kerman According to the “Tak Regulations”, it is considered that Braddy’s arm has a moving movement, and the transfer is not completed, and the patriots will continue to live! It is precisely this sentence to the patriot, let them be promoted to the raid team half a 30 yard, when the team’s player Adam-Vatari foot 45 yards rejoithns will drag the game into the time. In the overtime game, he is also his 23 yard free of charge to help the Patriot team lock the victory. After this battle, the Patriot team fiercely fierce, and settled the steel man, looked down the ram, took the first super bowl of the team, and created the ruling dynasty of the patriot captain.