The UK and the baseball are quite deep: 300 years of historical standards, London, open new chapters

From June 29th to 30th, Beijing time, the US Roman Works will be held in London for the first time, and the two teams played in New York Yangji and Boston socks.

Europe or into the league potential market London welcomes the baseball carnival

The big alliance is still nothing to do with the https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comdevelopment plan for the European market. Rob Manfred, Rob Manfred, has announced that next year’s London will be held on June 13th to 14th, the team is another pair of enemies – St. Louis Sapphire to Chicago Bear. The place is still in the London Stadium.

At the same time, in the London series, the Grand Union will also hold Elite European Development Tournament in the London region; and 90 teenagers from 13 European countries will be and from Ramstan Air Force. The US military officers and men of the base played a show.

Sterling appeared in MLB London scene

Sterling appeared in MLB London scene In addition, the surrounding activities of the big alliance game Play Ball Park will be held in the London Marathon Community Runway adjacent to the London Stadium. This will attract teenagers to participate in baseball and softball, becoming a link between large alliance competitions and daily entertainment activities. As a teen baseball and softball activity around the MLB London Series.

Manfred: “I hope that the two series of series in London can achieve unprecedented success. We poured a lot of resources for this purpose. We moved the baseball to London. Ticket sales are very hot, all tickets are all grabbed in a short time. We hope to expand the influence of baseball in Europe and open up new markets. “

As the baseball rises in the UK, the Bar in the streets in London will broadcast MLB in the golden time in the future – generally the afternoon of the US time.

US experts: British and baseball finished 300 years

Baseball This movement and European origin is more than this, according to the research of relevant scholars, baseball actually originated in England. Yes, the US national movement flows through the Blood of the United Kingdom.

David Block is born in the United States, as an expert in research baseball, he believes that the baseball actually originated earlier – before the lap is generally considered to be a baseball. The story of Creating Baseball in the United States is widely circulated in the United States is not in line with the real situation.

According to a 1749 newspaper, the Prince of Wales and the PRINCE (Earl of Middlesex) were playing baseball on the Thames. This place is no more than 25 miles from the London Stadium.

Brock also found a picture-Ball picture from the first edition of the first version of the first version of the British Children’s Children’s Readers in 1744. The book mentioned that the children play in the air of the campus, the boys play the ball, run to the “marker pole” (POST), and finally “ran back home”.

In 1744 and 1749, the UK already had a prototype of baseball, and the relevant materials can be evidence. It is still more than 30 years away from North American colonies. Perhaps the Britain George three times hit baseball. Jane – Austin mentioned the baseball in the novel “Nuozi Temple”. Relevant scholars believe that Austin himself must have participated in this movement. Some people think that Austin’s baseball is still a circle.

Block wrote in the new book. Boston Red Stockings, composed of New England region, visited the British Sany Island, and the Philadelphia sports team played multiple friendship games. In 1874, the red socks in 1874 were the same as this year’s red stockings, they were the championships in the previous season.

MLB London Site

MLB London Site

15 years later, the baseball returned to the UK. The baseball player in the United States made a wonderful game for the British royal family. According to the British writer, the former British national baseball team player Josh Chetwynd records, March 12, 1889 Wang Shi Wales, Prince, Wang Shi Wales, watched a baseball match in the Kennington Oval Course, participating in the game. Cap Anson at the time at the time.

Later, the prince of Wales became an Edward Seven, and the royal family provided a press release in the reporter: “Wales praised the baseball game, although he thought the cricket is better, the baseball sports itself is also very good.”

New era ushered in the new opportunity European baseball development or usher in new opportunities

After an century, the baseball returned to his birthplace, this time is just right.

Snechelologist tests the current UK Sussex, Markle, Markle, Markle, is a long-range table of Mookie Betts last year, which is undoubtedly adding to London. The atmosphere of the royal family.

There are also 2 British in the famous Hall of the Grand League, which are Henry Chadwick, Henry Chadwick and Harry Wright, Harry, Harry, Harry Wright, Harry Wright, Henry Chadwick and Sheffield. They have made an indelible contribution to the early days of baseball. Chicwick has become a famous baseball writer after the 19th-century immigrant US, and he has played a lot of role in the formation of baseball regulations, and the score method has played a very role. It is called the authority of the baseball.

MLB London

MLB London

Wright is the first professional team in the history of American baseball – Cincinnati red socks, and he is also the founder of Boston’s red socks.

From this point, London and baseball are never unpacked, the opposite is that the big alliance will return to British to say that it is a hometown. The baseball will send new life in the hometown.