Space man pitcher group combined with an innocent game sailor two days to make a record

On August 4th, Beijing time, all-star pitcher Alon Sanchez welcomed his first show
in the beautiful juice court. The first time the Sanchez joint teammates show an innocent competition.

The game Sanchez has cast a total of 92 balls and sent six three vibrations, but there are two guarantees. This is his 4th victory this season, and his last victory is still traced back to the game April 27 and the sports team. His last first is on July 28th, when he cast a 5.2 bureau, the game was thrown 4 points, and ERA was 6.07.

Sanchez was selected in 2016, and his ERA is the lowest in the US. But his performance this season
has not been very good. He has swallowed 14 times, and there is a 13-game loss. However, he just appeared in the Space Team, and it was a person who did not move in the team and teammates. It can be tone.

The game is also the 12th time of the Spaceman’s team, and they last ignorant bareback to August 21, 2015 Mike Filles casts an innocent in the front of the wondering team. On June 11, 2003, the space team relied on six pitibies to defeat the team, which is the first no-safe game in the history of the team.

Yesterday, the space team walked https://www.mlbdrakterno.comout of the home base in the home, and today they were taught by Sanchez, and the sailor team became a background board for two consecutive days. More more is that this is already an innocent playing in the second time in a month. On July 12, the angel team was in the game, and the two pitters made a non-unafe, that game was awarded the superflied game for the first-year-old Pitcher Taylor-Skigs. .

This time, there is no place, for Sanchez himself or the space team, is a strong intention. The space team fans saw the absolute strength of their first pitcher, and Sanchez himself also found himself. Two consecutive days, wartering and pitcher have created a feat, and the great space of space is slowly becoming the MLB version of the Warriors.