Rediscover the state Gateshead four years, won three National League relievers Best Award

2021 MLB season in the National League award the best relievers, namely Trevor – Trevor Hoffman Award handed out yesterday, Brewers Terminator Josh – Black de winning his third time winning the past four years, became the first in the history of MLB three times winning pitcher.

This season, 60 games Gateshead race, pitched 58.2 innings, only to be knocked out 25 hits soared 102 strikeouts, 35 saves in the opportunity to win 34 times, low ERA to 1.23, called the major league’s most dominate force pitcher.

Compared to Prior, Head of the season to make his home run rate is significantly reduced. He was knocked out of the year a total of three home runs HR / 9 is only 0.5, a figure three years ago, respectively 1.0, 1.8 and 1.4. So that you can not hit the ball, but also full of strikeout, hit the ball can not form serious injury, Morehead level is evident.

If Liam – Hendricks is mad pull late, then Head of late have been pulled out and he was throughout the regular season in August and September have not lost points, and Hendrix is ??different, he April also lost only one point, this year’s Head if that is the peak of Hoffmann, which means that the opponent played the death knell has sounded.

High order data, Morehead is batting only .126, 22 points ahead of second place, WHIP only 0.84 win shares on FanGraph as high as 2.6, are ranked second behind Hendricks. Eight hundred ninety-two month, his opponent batting average is only .104 and .350.

However, Head of the season is actually not quite perfect, the National League Division Series Game 4 in the second half of his eight innings was Freddy – Freeman knocked the winning home run, the Brewers have been eliminated. In fact, only two career playoff Head points out, the Brewers are therefore out directly from the playoffs, the other one is clear Soto bases loaded base hit in 2019, the wild card race, the two defeated the Head of State East team eventually won the championship.