MLB World Revenge Sigui Repair Liang Zi Mangxi Home Belt after the spray with Bontam Garna

All the people who know the United States of the United States Lianxi District will kill the red, Los Angeles, and San Francisco giants will kill red, and the giant ace Pitcher Madison – Bontam Gan is not a new thing, but it is today The game in Mados Mangsi is completely irritated with a spring spring gun. The two sides have been chattering until they are separated by the referee.

Today, the Battle of the National Union West is a classic pitcher, the final Dodge Walker-Bi Le laughed at the end, Dodge finals over the giant 1-0, the only score from the first game, Mangxi Ghana’s ball was pulled into the right field, and the baseball flew 424 feet out of the sea. Mangsi played this time after the chic stick began to watch the ball’s flight trajectory, and then triggered Bonum Gan’s rebuker, and both sides came to me to start smashing.

“I told him that if you don’t want to see it around me,” Mangsi will be interviewed after an interview, “You can jump into the sea to find the ball. I am bigger to him, he is also big Shout. I don’t know if he heard me. Hone other words, I think my stick is very low. “

Before this game, Bonamana’s career was only played in the outside of the sea. “Just as everyone is now emphasized, I should release the chance of my passion for young players. But Mangxi After playing the home, not only staring at the ball, but also running very slowly. Ok, if you want to do this, then do it, but I will do what I want to do. As long as you are still like this, I will Do what I should do. “

After bypassing the first base, Mangsi and Bontam Garn began a fierce mutual spray trash to start the referee. According to the Statistics of the Great Pien, the Messe’s full-time running is 27.44 seconds, compared to this year’s MLB average of 22.85 seconds. However, Bonamana seems to have no qualifications to say too slow provocative pitcher, because of on April 2nd, from Tao Qi Pitted Liu Xianzheng, the home run, full of 25.84 seconds.

Dodge first pitcher Walker-Biller’s current accumulated 7 wins and 1 loss, in today’s seven games first sent him three Zhen nine people, relay pitcher Pedro-Baiz took over the eighth game, the team Terminator Kelly Jensen also successfully defended the 19th rescue. In the past 7 games, Brace won 4 wins and 1 loss, the self-sharing rate is excellent 2.15, once he adjusted the pitching posture and shot, after the ball was unstable, he was adjusted to the ball posture and shot, The moiety drops from 5.22 to 3.35.

“The recent state is good, I can contribute a lot for the team,” Bile said. “My mistake is that my mistake is that goodball is too concentrated, so I am often playing. I am trying to use the nine-patrics of the tape, learn how to play ball from teammates.”