MLB staged the national built rain, the pitcher, the bears, the madness 14 times, three vibration 2 points small pirate

On April 12th, Beijing time, the Chicago Winnam team met the enemy team Pittsburgh Pirates in the same district of the Rigli Stadium, which is the third game of the first series of war this season. The pitcher between the two sides is stable, and the first three games were only hit by 1 security, until the lower half of the 7th bureau had a deadlock. After the end of the 7th, the game was suspended due to rain. After an hour, the game continued, and the Bear Two Bull 2 ??did not lose, and the victory was held. The bear team defeated the pirate team 2-0.

The bear team first left Jin Takina performance, 7 bureau sent 11 old K

The bear team first left Jin Takina performance, 7 bureau sent 11 old K

[Data Highlight]

Pirates first pitched Musgrov 6.1 Agency 4 Anchick 2 Posted 6 three vibration loss 1 point.

The bear team first pitcher Jintana 7.0 Bureau 4 placement 1 to ensure that 11 trival 0 is lost. Two-Rock Descasy 3 Tit 1 Score 2 Anwind 1 Totto.

[Competition process]

Musgrov behaves as well, 6.1, 2 points, but not

Musgrov behaves as well, 6.1, 2 points, but not

The two bodies before the game, the first pitcher is extremely strong, and the two sides are innocent, the Jinshenna Sanzhen 4 players, Musgrov Zhen Zhen 2 players, the third game entered the post-feet, the pirate team first Happuad Musgrov broke the investment by Jinsa, and he did not die, Jinshenna was hit by Fraser, but the pirate team promoted Musgrov to the three-finals but did not score. The first half of the bear team hit the second half of the martial arts in the second half of the martial arts, but the worsaw team fails to score.

Chris Brines's flat-fly balls contributed to Kabrera's oversurns

Chris Brines’s flat-fly balls contributed to Kabrera’s oversurns

The 4th game started, the two sides started to be active, the pirate team hit 2 security, but Bell was issued out of the bureau when trying to stolen two, the lower half of the bear, Bryien, Kib, and Bai Zez Although the high-speed ball has not been placed, it also caused a threat to the pirate team. Today, the wind is blowing in the wild, so it is not easy to form a home run.

The 5 bureau ended, both parties have not scored, and the pirates hit 4 security, the bear team only had 2. The coach of the bear team Madden is expelled from the referee.

A small episode appeared in the second half of the bureau. Zabriste and Bryant were in the three bases and second bases, Bayz hit out of the world, Zhibaris tried to return to the bacterium score, but the referee did not recognize the kimony, so it is determined to be a double kill.

Carliti knocks out the opposite direction to send the team friend to the family score

Carliti knocks out the opposite direction to send the team friend to the family score

The second half of the 7th Bureau, Musgrov hit the small flying ball by Hayward, but the pirate team was defeated, so it caused the second base to beaten, Descaso’s second base to play Hayward Send it back to the home base. The pirate team replaced Musgrov with the truncation of the truncation. At the time of the world, Kalatini hits the second base to play the Based on Descasy to get 1 point. The bear team is replaced by the game, and the four-bad ball is selected. Two people are in the base, and the bear team does not seize the opportunity to score.

At the end of the 7th, the bear team leads to the pirate team in 2-0. At this time, the rain becomes large, the competition is suspended. The weather forecast is that the storm will last all night to the early morning. The last interrupt
is interrupted after 1 hour.

The final score did not rewrite, the pitcher of the bear team Steve, Schishek and Pedro Stropo, and the 2 game sent three three-vibrating pirates.

[Two sides starting]

Chicago Wolves Team:

First stick right outside country – Zabrister

Second stick three bases, Cris Bryant

Third stick, Anthony, Rizo

Fourth stick guerrilla Haville – Bayz

The fifth rod left outer wild hand Kel-Schobbo

Sixth Bar Sinowen Wilder, Sen – Hayward

The seventh stick two bases Daniel Descasy

Sixth Bar Catcher Victor – Carlitini

The ninth stick first pitcher Jose – Jinshenna

Pittsburgh Pirates:

The first stick is equivalent – Fraser

The second stick Chinese and foreign wilderstalin – Malti

Third Bar Catcher Francisco – Sevili

Fourth stick, York Yosh-Bell

The fifth base 3rd base

Sixth Rod Right Wildermato – Kabrera

Seventh stick left outer wild handkerchief – Reyes

Eighth Battle Eric – Gonzalez

The ninth stick first pitcher Joe-Musgrov

[Next prospect]

The two teams will launch a new series with new opponents. The Bear Team will meet the Milwaukee’s Corps Los Angeles Agel Team, and the pirate team will go to the country team.