Who is the best offense new show flower? The champion list cross-positions!

The 2018NFL draft is very interesting: in this draft, there were five quarters of four-point guard in the first round (for the first time in 1999), and there was an running guard in the first 2 position (for the first time since 2006). The high-time offensive talent brings you higher expectations. This article will simply speculate on the powerful competitors of the new season’s best offensive, and help the audience pay attention to their play in the new season.

First include a few interesting facts:

Maybe you think the best rookie is the competition between quadrants and running guards, but in fact, in 51 best rookies in history, 33 are running guards, 9 are quadruplicate, 9 are external hands.

· However, in the past 10 seasons, the quarter won 5 best offensive

However, in the last five seasons, the running guard won 3 times the best offensive rookie, only the Deni Dack Prescott as a four-point guard, winning this award

· In the 1999 season, the same season, the season, who was selected in the first round, and the Death Green-James received this award.

· The running guards should not be proud, in 2006, the South Angtron Running Racing strike – Bush was selected in the selection of the 2nd time, the 3rd shining quartz Siwen San Shu Wenz-Yang won the best rookie

Darnod doesn’t laugh, after 2006 Saifs – Yang won the best offense, Namesel has no one has won the best offense.

· Guolian’s rookie run guards are too happy. Since the 2002 season, the running guards have never been able to win the award for two consecutive years (Kamara: “Blame I am.”)

Sac Wan – Bakley:

Sac Wan - Buckley ball forward

Sac Wan – Buckley ball forward

Giants currently expect to Barkley is: don’t work. In the case of Eli Manning, the election of the high-quality four-dimensional TV show, select a running guard with the second step, which means that if Barkel is not able to reach a sufficient height, then the giant management Some people have been fried squid.

Giants to Buckley’s success also done a lot of work – paying signed left tackle Nate – Suo Deer, select the open front retaining good Will – Hernandez Manning is not just to protect, but also to ensure Buckley has enough space red ball. Cut running back Paul – Perkins, running back Sean let go – and Willingen Orleans – Dake Wa, plus new aid Stewart poor performance in the preseason, Barkley’s main position unassailable.

Besides Manning and new head coach Pat – Schumer, Eli last season at first glance great state of decline, but the fact remains mid-range passing a high standard, and that exactly match Barkley Features: after completion of the short-range ball, with a physical explosion of the formation of dislocation of the security guard and linebacker for more yardage. Pat – Schumer is in the last season of his career unexciting McKinnon to build a four-year 30 million worth catching running back (51 catches for 421 yards) designer, and undoubtedly far Buckley’s talent super McKinnon. This powerful combination of the situation may have foreshadowed the Offensive Rookie of ownership?

Sam – Da Nuode:

Future jets - Mountain Muda Nord

Future jets – Mountain Muda Nord

Yes, the past 10 years there have been five best offensive rookie quarterback, but the problem is in history, only the great Dan – Marino is the only one able to get the best debut in the case of less than 12 times best offensive rookie quarterback. Unfortunately, this rookie quarterback who are more or less facing some appeared limited number of possibilities: Mayfield is Taylor’s replacement; Bill Pittman beat the team has announced that Alan will be served first week starting quarterback; Wilkes Cardinals coach repeatedly stressed that Bradford is starting, rather than Rosen; Joe – Franco also firmly adheres to the starting position of the crow, and Jackson’s performance in the preseason ups and downs seem lame in front of the Super Bowl feats.

In contrast, it has been confirmed that will debut starting in the first week of Danuo De seem to have more opportunities. Da Nuode configuration around though not luxurious (think Prescott piece of luxury offensive line in front), but also like Robbie – Anderson so little known but effective wide receiver, as well as Vail and Powell Crowe such a combination of many years of running back in the league campaign. Da Nuode play in the preseason regarded as unsatisfactory, although there is a problem in keeping the team on the offensive, but each time passing yardage average of only 5.4 yards, but still from time to time an impressive high standard of passing appear . Since Danuo De eventually to become a future quarterback the team, it is better to let the future come sooner, it might make him quickly faded Sentimental become the real core of the team.

Baker – Mayfield:

Cleveland's LeBron James -NFL next champion Mayfield

Cleveland’s LeBron James -NFL next champion Mayfield

Regardless of the Bills do not like Tailuo De – Taylor, he is still able to lead a team into the playoffs quarterback. Mayfield performance is quite good in the preseason, but still can not seem to shake Taylor’s present status. Change a line of thought, this is not necessarily a protection for his team: Hugh Jackson – a coach is unlikely to keep pace with the times, just a big shake Browns also facing a lot of uncertainty. Gentelles open, Mayfield learning seems to be the best plan.

If, however, carried out a bold reform of Brown remains a backwater in the beginning of the season, Jackson sadly get out of class, even Taylor began to be questioned, Mayfield opportunity came. If we can have the opportunity to debut, with a maturity of Mayfield, the football business and technology, coupled with the Browns in the offseason to build the team, draft pick is entirely possible force in the middle of the season, more than Barkley and Da Nuode, this year the strongest offensive rookie.

Who else?

Sony – Michelle Camara could be the next rookie in this, experts said had to play last season Camara will win a lot of market to Mitchell before the draft, but the Patriots selected him with the first round also confirmed this view. His problem was an injury in pre-season, off the ball in training and looks Biliqieke not a pick based on the person’s head coach. Broncos 3 show Royce – Freeman play very efficient in the preseason red ball, now appear to have become the team’s top running back, he came in behind him losing the show Philip – Lindsay preseason play nice , catching ability make him debut in 3rd gear in the offensive and special teams, and third grader Booker in preseason play is disappointing. Lion of Corleone – Johnson rushed the ball 15 times in the preseason harvest also comes with 43 yards 68 yards the ball, play very high-quality, taking into account the cover of his passing is also good, should be starting debut as a lion, but under the current news, team management is still expected to veteran Blount, Abdallah has even Riddick.

Difficult to be optimistic about the wide receiver who:

This year all the rookie wide receiver who are faced with no small competition within the team: Panthers first-round pick DJ- Moore has a sparkling preseason debut: 4 catches for 75 yards, but also demonstrated his grapple to get rid of talent, but then the game completely disappeared. He also needs to overcome Newton is not accurate passing, Feng Chase Olsen, Fred McCarty and even Samuel Smith, who carved up the ball on the right, and his immaturity (as speeding being sued) . The Falcons Ridley now appears behind the overall veteran Sanou’s still. Broncos Sutton has been steadily rising in preseason play, beat in the first three weeks Josh – Norman complete ball is impressive, but due to the presence of veteran Sanders and Thomas, and perhaps he will have to wait a while time (perhaps not, the Broncos could use his height to make a fuss in the red zone). Outside the Steelers took over James – Washington will serve as Mattei Davis – Bryant’s stand-in appearance, but Antonio – Brown and juju – Smith – in the case Schuster healthy, it will be difficult to see the impact of possible awards .

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