Union 4 chart! Owen updated the social media in three days, the style is still weird, and the return return is coming!

On December https://www.maillotbasket6.com 1st, Beijing time, 2021-22 season NBA regular competition is in the battle. As of today, the new season NBA regular season has been carried out for about 40 days. Due to the refusal to vaccinate the new crown vaccine, Owen was banned from participating in competition and training, so far he had absent 20 games.

Earlier today, Owen updated their social media again three days. He first released a photo of a clothing, you can see from the source of the photo, this is an Owen’s sister’s tidal clothing.

Obviously Owen is promoting his own sister, it is worth mentioning that NBA stars such as Durant, Tumum, Lillad also pay attention to Owen’s sister.

Subsequently, Owen released three-style similar photos, which can be seen, which is still related to the religious beliefs of Owen, and his race is related. The style of https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com painting is also the same as the photos previously released. It is full of wealth, it is difficult to understand what Owen wants to express.

Since the banquet of the Basketball, Owen rarely appeared in the public perspective, but he updated the frequency of social media was high. On the one hand, he is expressing his beliefs, on the other hand, there are many media and fans to call Owen this is in touch. After all, since he stayed away from the stadium, he gradually stayed away from the discussion of the fans.

However, Owen has recently made a good thing. He spent $ 1.5 million for WNBA players, with the aim of helping players who can’t play. These players can not be found in the causes of two, one is to worry about the influence of new crown vaccines, the second is for concerns about some social righteousness.

And https://www.nbatrikots4.com about the basketball team, seems to be as far as they gradually. Recently, reporters asked the basketball coach and players. But you can learn from their answered that they are contacted with European. Nash said that he and the contact of Owen were limited to “ensuring him.”

Therefore, from various signs indicate that Owen seems to be increasingly impossible to return to the basket.