The main coach of the wild horses, the main corner of the get out of class: the team has returned the alliance to change is imminent

After two consecutive courageous rates, the wild horses announced that the crowds of Wanshev.

Mustang main corner Kris Harris believes that the change is imminent. After the 2015, I met the super bowl, the wild horse couldn’t enter the playoffs.

Harris said: “I think, we are all full after the super bowl. We didn’t continue to make progress. So we must reflect on how progress. Offense, defense, special service, everything … We have now lagn behind the league. “

Harris believes that the team has been moving in 2015, this is not advisable. “Now in 2019, we can’t always do the same thing. I don’t think I can play with 15 years or even 13 years, I don’t think we (wild horses) can also follow 15 years or even 13 years. Way to play. “

Regardless of the main four-point Weaks-Karnam is left, the offensive group seems to be the largest portion of the wild horse.

At present, the wild horse has interviewed some coaches. There are both the coaches of the offensive groups from the offensive group of the raft Taylor, as well as the defensive coach of Brorens, Brillis, which is the patriot Bryan Florez.