The cost is heavy! Do you dare to provoke about Kikichi?

Remember the conflict of Dameris and Yaki? Two weeks have passed, Damorres is still lying on the bed, he has lacking 8 games in the hot queue.

On November 9, the Nuggets hosted the heat. In the competition, Diguris was penalized for about a letter from Jiki, and then Yauchi pushed Demolis to the ground. This time, it caused the big neck injury in the Golden neck, and Yoshi was also banned by the alliance.

Diguris himself did not expect that his own malicious fouls will cause such a serious consequence. In the league, Digoris has been self-employed in the “evil people”. He elbow ANNNNNBIBIBI, colliding with Cousins, fighting with Entbide. Just, this time I met Yicchi.

Don’t look at the company, you have a white fat and very cute, but he is from Serbia, from the real battle nation. On the NBA Square, Yekish has not been charged. Last year’s playoffs, Yekizi did not lose his opponent with the Buffak cattle. This time, Da Morris is kicked to the steel plate.

After the two conflicts, the two sides are still in social media. It is worth mentioning that on November 30, the Heat will be in the home court. Interestingly, no matter what is Jiki, or Morris, now lying in the team’s injury list. The teacher is a wrist, and Da Morris is a neck injury has not been good. The “two war” of the two sides, the two protagonists will not lack at the same time?