Saints Unforgettable NFL Alliance New Dress Rescue Rules Coach still "disdain"

Among the 2018 season playoffs, a distant passed interference is divided into the new Orleans Saints lost the opportunity to enter the super bowl. That game, the corner of the Los Angeles ram, Robbie-Robie, Robie, used a violation of the attack, and the referee did not be blown by the ball, and did not have a helmet to the helmet. Impact foul. Because it is this problem, the NFL alliance has introduced a new regulation on the playback of the pass interference.

Saint Coach Shanien Pedon issued his own views on the newly issued challenge of the alliance.

Saint Coach Shanien Pedon issued his own views on the newly issued challenge of the alliance.

The Alliance will allow the coaches to make a fair penalty in the recipients of passing the ball interference behavior after challenges. However, in the last two minutes of the second half of the game, the value referee can decide whether to use the video to look back. In this way, the head coach can use the red flag in his hand to avoid “the ages” like the Saints of New Orleans.

However, for this rule, Saint coach Sha En-Pelton has his own ideas. He feels that this is not necessarily a good thing for the coach. In fact, Pedon coach has a deeper idea.

“Let’s start from the idea of ??fans, this rule is actually not different from other red flag challenges. And for the coach, we only have two challenges, so there is no more challenges in the game.

In this way, the coaches may be more sensible to use challenges, because in most cases they hope to retain a challenge opportunity. If the coach saw obvious mistakes in the last 2 minutes, we can challenge. But in the last two minutes of the last half, it is still the job of the referee. Through technological means, we can now see real-time playback in real time as fans, so we hope that the referee can make the correct decision. “Pedon coach expressed his view.

Shawn Pedon’s idea is good, coaches need to use challenges more intelligently, and coaches must have to distinguish the right to challenge the maximum benefit. The real-time challenge playback is not for the job of picky the referee, which is to correct the major mistakes to prevent “bad” like the Saint team.

For NFLs and referees, it is more difficult to perform passage interference back in the last two minutes. Alliances and fans will never wait until the most exciting time in the competition, waiting for the penalty. Therefore, I hope that the alliance can use the quarter to experiment and solve these problems before the beginning of the regular season, just like the rules of the mour of helmet last year.