Red stocking is overcast blue bird On September 13, Beijing time, the second game of red socks and blue birds continued in Boston, the two teams first pitched David – Ples and Alon Sanchez staged a wonderful pitcher war, the two players were filled 7 bureaus completed high-quality first, but the fifth floor of the three-way three-legged Sanchez’s storm is white, and the game of red socks in the whole game rely on this STR, and also reached the fourth time of the team. The hundreds of winning season, there is a record of 105 winning records in the history regulations in the regular season or 16.[Data Highlight]Bluebird first pitcher Alon – Sanchez 7 bureau 6 times three vibrators only lost 1 point and lost, the whole blue bird had only 4 kinds of safety, and there were 4 counts of 0 play, the three bases Sollardi Single field 2 is playing. Red socks first pitcher David – Prab 7 times 7 times, the three vibrations, the next person, the 15th wins, the whole team is only only 4 security, have someone to have 7 players.[Competition process]On the first game, the blue bird was suppressed by Prab three. The first bureau is under the bats to go out to the second base, but unfortunately 234 sticks have no way to hit the score.The second bureau re-casts the half-bureau in three, and the second game will choose to ensure that Dwwe is being out of the bureau, and Holt’s double kill has also ended red socks. Attack.The third bureau did not let any players on the pitcher, and Sanchez has cast a three-vibration of the union.On the fourth game, David Ples made an opening 12 on 12. After the fourth place, Bugosa knocked out the homework, but the attack did not continue the offensive.The fifth game, Sorri knocked out the Bluebird on the first place of play, but teammates did not have a way to form series, the fifth bureau, Moland’s guarantee and Holt’s security, 1, 3 bases, Results The storm of Alon Sanchez’s key moments made red socks broke down.On the sixth game, Davis knocked out to the place of playing red socks, Leon, the capture of Lyon, free him to get a lot, but unfortunately, German-Travis did not grasp the chance of score, the sixth bureau down Sanchez again. Semi-bureau in three three.The seventh game reached the base again, but the teammates still did not form series, and the seventh place did not let any red socks play.The eighth bureau’s second base is playing and Jensen’s guarantee capture of 1, 2, but there is no way to attack the score, the eighth game under the eighth game. Bradley’s two Base is calm, and the red socks do not have the opportunity to grasp the potential.The ninth board of red socks sent the terminator of Jinbreier, and the two out of the bureau made a guarantee of Schmerk, but still use goodbye to resolve Smith to help the socks to hold the victory.[Two sides starting]Blue Bird: First Bar Right Field Hand Byrid – McKini Second Bar Two Radge German – Tel Avis Third Bar Guard Rhodes – Gu Ruier Fourth Body Specify KFRK – Morares fifth base 3rd base Grievis – Sorripi sixth stick left outer wild handtessa-Ernande’s seventh stick, Rodi-Trez eighth stick Danny Jason Ninth Based Jon Narnan – Davis first pitcher Alon – SanchezRed stockings: First stick right outside Word Muqi-Bates second stick left outer wilder, Andrew-Benneadi third stick design, JD-Martinens fourth stick guerrillas Frightened Germany Based on the Moran – Morade Sixth Based Sarace – Dewes Seventh Bars Twolk Locke – Holt Eighth Bar Catcher Sandi – Leon Ninth Bat Sinowear Wilderness

Jie – Bradley first pitcher David-Ples

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Bluebird and Red Socks Three-winning War last Beijing time will continue on the Boston Feni Stadium, the blue bird will send Sam Garrio, since July 20th, he only 1 I was filled with 6 branches. In the past four games, he sent him 3 times. At least 4 points. The red socks were sent to Edward – Rodriggz first shouted. The last faces of Houston Space 3.1 lost 5 points. However, this season faces the Bluebird 3 games to send 2 wins and 0 negative scores 2.41.