Pick up the treasure! The rocket two-way contract is 17 points in the three battlefields, and the attack is highly effective.

The Rockets have recently state very well, they have achieved the record of three consecutive victories, although it is still the first in the western part, but the gap in the front is not big, and their record has more than the Eastern Magic, and Not the one in the league! After experiencing the previous wave of losers, the recent rockets really slowly slow, although this season is difficult to have in the pursuit, but after all, the taste of winning is better!

During these three consecutive victories, the team gave people the most impressive players were not https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
Wood, nor a smallport, but the team’s role player Garysen Matthew! In the last three games, he scored a double. In the face of the Bulls, he debuted for 28 minutes, shooting 6 shots, three points 4 shots 3, got 12 points and 5 rebounds; in the face of the Hornets, he 38 minutes, shooting 10 shots 6, three points, 9 shots, get 20 points and 3 rebounds; in the face of the Thunder 14, the three-pointer 11 shot 5, get 19 points 2 rebound 1 Assisted data!

The three games Matthews can get 17 points, the shooting hits can reach 56.7%, of which the three-pointers 24 shots 12, the hit rate can reach 50%, so efficient performance is really impressive! Many people don’t know if this Matthew is also a person. The first two season Massatts are effective in the Wizards. After the last season, many game opportunities were obtained, and https://www.nbatrikots4.com the average was 16.2 minutes. It can get 5.5 points. The three-pointer hit rate is 38.4%. But the subsequent sniper, the Wizards withdrew the qualification quotation for Matthew, so that he became a free player.

Subsequently, Matthew and the green army signed a year of no guarantee contracts, but soon, they were cut off by the team. He wanted to get an NBA standard contract, but there is no team or willing to give it a team. The Rockets claimed Matthews and transformed his contract into a two-way contract. Matthew laughed in these games in these games, which can have a very good attitude on the court, and there is a stable outer line of shooting capabilities. These games are really completely exerted. !

It can be said that his recent https://www.maillotbasket6.com performance, his next contract should be completely unwind, even if the https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
Rockets do not give him a formal contract, there will be other teams to give him a formal contract. But from the current state, the Rockets really have no reason not to stay in the team!