On October 3, Beijing time, the second outer card race in the finals of the Meijian Standfall in the 2019 season, the Auckland sportsman greeted Tampa Bay’s challenges at home.The two teams sent the strongest pitcher, Madon, who didn’t taste the defeat, Morton.This game, the light is dominated from the beginning, using violent offensive sports home, and the 4 strokes will take 5 points.In the end, the sportsman 1-5 is lost in the light, and it has been defeated in the outer card for two consecutive years.[Data https://www.mlbboutique2.com Highlight]Rayed 3 aviaz single-rang three 安 安 2 points to get 2 points, Tommy Fan 2 支 打 1 points, Garcia 1 安 打 2 points to run back 1 point, Morton 5 Score.[Competition process]In the first half, the first time I shot on Munya Station in the playoffs. In the face of the first stick Diaz, the right outer country hit, this spring gun helps the light to get a very good start, 1-0; Tommy Fan stands by Senang, Mitos waving the air is also Go to Sanzhen; De Arnold chases a bad ball to accept the third three-vibration of this Council, and Marina is rapidly retrieved.In the second half of the first bureau, Morton debuted, facing the first stick Ximin was knocked out of the flat flight to the first base; Lauren was taken by a 96 mile speed speed of the speed; Chapman selected four bad balls The number of Olsen is full of spheres and is swatched by Sanzhen; Kana also chooses to keep the base, the two are out of the base; but https://www.mlbtrojerse.com the proller high-speed ball is killed, the sports home leaves the restriction. Morton is overcrowded, but the number of spins is also high.In the second bureau, the first rod hit the first base, Garcia then slammed two-point gun, 3-0, the light continued to expand the score advantage; Adamis rushed to the earth, Kiramore and cloth Rosso was sent 5 three vibrators, but also lost 3 points.In the second half of the second place, Davis was beaten by Sanzhen; Grossman is playing, but Murphy sent a double kill and hit it.In the third bureau, Diaz was the first stick to fight the Yangchun gun. One double sound made the light to score, 4-0; at this time, the sportsist helplessly replaced Marinaa, this only completed 2.0 games Ten 4 points lost 4 points, although fifth of the three-vibration, but also three projects hit. Petit debut was taken by Tommy – Fan hit, but the rest did not score.In the second half of the third, Simin rely on the pass of the ball, and the Lloydo flying sacrifice is 1 point, 4-1; but Chapman and https://www.fanstore2.com

Kana are out of the game, the end of the three games .

In the fourth place, the rays were finally three three.

In the second half of the fourth place, Plur is a base, Davis flat, Grossman also contributed to a base, one person out of one and two, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, said, at this time, the sportsist is changed to play, capturing the felphic In some cases, the brown rolling earth is out of the https://www.mlbtrikot4.com bureau, and Simin is not playing, the four games end.

In the fifth game, after Brooso and Diaz, Tommy-Fan Gong was hitting the fourth project, the score came to 5-1, and the light was firmly suppressed.

In the second half of the fifth, Morton continued to shoot. Lloyrino guerrillas rolling the earth being assassinated; Chapman is hitting the base; Olsen knocked out the double kill, and there was no pressure to quickly solve the semi-bureau, the competition entered the sixth game.

The sixth game, Luzhado debuted. He sent a twice with a very high pitch of spheres, completed three three.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, Morton ended today’s pitch, this 5.0 game was smashed 5 security to play 1 point, but not self-blaming, sent 4 three-oscillating 3 times to make excellent. Castil is released in the middle of the https://www.trikotskaufenn.com game, and it was hit a place where there was no loss.

In the second half of the seventh game, Luzhado continued to spread, after the manufacture of two people, even gave two people, but finally Tommy-Fan rolled the earth, and the half ended.

In the second half of the seventh place, Casti sent 2 three vibrations to complete the half, the 4 points left behind the sports home will catch up.

In the middle of the eighth game, Midos’s first great choice, De Arnold rushed to let the runner were blocked, Brandon Luo three balls were killed by Sanzhen, Garcia flat flies were killed, and Luzhaddo was over 3.0 The bureau was only played 1 security and sent 4 three vibrations.

In the second half of the eighth game, Nick Anderson debuted, Olsen knocked out a hit, Kana was standing three vibrators; Plur is full of spheres, and Davis https://www.mlbboutique2.com also accepts three vibrations, Anderson uses three consecutive times Sanzhen solved this Council and the competition entered the last game.

In the first half of the ninth game, Hendrick appeared. First, the three vibrated Admes, then the Kilamare high futures went out; the Cui Zhiwan rolled out of the game.

In the second half of the ninth Bureau, Anderson continued to shoot, Grossman was swimmed by Sanzhen; Pamb replaced Anderson, and completed the last two. Fishi took out weak earth and was assassinated by the guerrillas; Ximeien was successfully connected, the game was successfully promoted.

[Two sides starting]

Tampa Bay Run:


2. Tommy Fan designated blow

3. Osts – Motes left farmers

4. Travis De Arnold Catcher

5. Matt – https://www.mlbdrakterno.com Dafe Tablets

6. Avisa Ill – Garcia Right Area

7. Willi-Adamis https://www.mlbtrikot4.com guerrilla

8. Kevin Kilamare Chinese and foreign wilder

9. Michael Brosso 2rd

Chari-Morton Pointer

Auckland Sports Family:

1. Marcus Si Men guerrilla

2. Raun – Raaren Raven

3. Matt Chapman

4. Matt – Olsen

5. Mark – Kana Chinese

6. Jerixon – Purfar 2rd base

7. Chris Davis designated hits

8. Robie-Grossman’s left outer wilder

9. Sean – Murphy Catcher

Sean Mada Pitcher

[Next prospect]

The Spaceman in the regular season, the spaceman waiting for the victory in Houston, and the contest of this series is not very big, sitting in the most luxurious first pitcher and the strongest strokes of this team, lost Some factors are still difficult to comb.

On the four projects of the team hits, the oscillation rate, long, the OPS, the space per capita is the first year of the https://www.maillotsenligne.com league, while the first two seeds of the two American league prizes, the pitcher is also almost invincible. . The score of the Spaceman’s regular season is 3 wins and 4 losses, it is still in a disadvantage. I don’t know if the rays will create a miracle with the promotion of this momentum, as well as the advantages of the conventional competition.