On October 14th, Beijing time, the American post MLB Melan Championship was held in the first game, Boston’s red socks were at home at 2-7 defeated Houston space.Andrew Benineti was unfamiliar with the fifth bureau’s lower half of the ball, and the red satter coach Kola Alex-Corla was expelled to be expelled. Alex Bregman rebounded to the thigh in the first half of the 6th game, and then glared to view the repertrivers of Joe – Kelly. Opportunity, the second base trial is unsuccessful, and it is successful to be killed in Marsnik.Maldado is smashed in the wristChris Sel as the first firing of red socks is not good in opening, and sends four bad balls in the first and second games, and facing the 8th stick of space people. Maldona. Baseball directly smashed the right https://www.fanstore2.com

wrist of Maldona. I saw that Malda pain was difficult to endure the ball and threw the ball, and the left hand held the injured wrist face pain look, causing medical staff to hurry to see the injury. After communication and confirmation in the field, Maldona did not have a big problem to be guaranteed and continued to participate in the competition.

Gonzalez self-knockkeene

Spaceier’s 6th stick Mawen-Gonzalez pair in Chris Selles in the fourth game, because the ball waves slightly, there is no precise strike, and he regrets that he is tapped directly with your finger. Your own head, and the turn moves to the problem that I have just emerged. Gonzalez returned to the Selber Poetry, but unfortunately, the high flying ball did not see the bureau, plus Carlos Corea and Martin Maldado It can be seen that Selb ball is gradually https://www.mlbtrikot4.com looking into the feel.

Bottled fans command shift

What is the fans of the red socks? There is a lot of sports in the field, and the promotion of the competition has chergered, I only see him hide the suspected “tactical cardboard” to call in the field, and even the way to guide the transfer of red socks. However, this suggestion is estimated that the head coach and the players can be heard. Commentary Zhang Jiafu ridiculed this senior fans on the scene, equivalent to the barrage sent by the video live game, as for the professional level of geometry, I saw it.

Benneuti fell coach

Andrew Benertys welcomed the opportunity to fight in the second half of the 5th game. Benneuti is clearly dissatisfied with the good ball with the main trial, and fell the ball and the ball and the ball. Red Sato Catholic Kola Alex – Kara https://www.mlbtrojerse.com is a big breath, the play and when the main trial theory is directly expelled, resulting in only the remaining competitions of the bench coach Ronnik, the price is 1 point not to take back Send space people 5 points.

Breggman was smashed and glared

As the third rod of the spacehold, the 6th game is facing the reddock relaxation. The anger is ignited, Bregman, glaring, Kelly, and immediately saved by Red Socks Cristian – Watzkez. The main trial was in a timely fire of the gunpowder.

Nounez butter hand missed double kill

The 4th Grier, the 4th Gurier, and the first half of the sixth game, facing Joe-Kelly pitching, is not a solid strike, was received by red socks, Edward, Nounez, then Hand wants to kill but accidentally take the hand, and the eyes of Alex Bregman and Guriel forming a one-earthquency because of tentabar. https://www.trikotskaufenn.com Nounez’s critical butter hand, originated in the emergency, but because of the attention of the attention, the red socks were missing, but also buried hidden dangers in the next resolution.

White tentaby ball https://www.fanartikelsportde.com is confirmed by an eagle eye

The 5th stick Taylor White is in the middle of the 8th game, facing the red socks to change Rui’an-Brabith, immediately raised his hand to the main review to wipe the arm. Since the watch is not particularly obvious, there is a fanast of the home fans of red hose. However, the space man approves an eagle eye challenge According to the video slow motion playback, the baseball does have slight wipes to the White arm, and finally confirmed that the tentabed ball made White to go to the line, but Brabith is clear about this The sulking is unexpected.

The second base trial was mistakenly escorted

Space man arranged in Dun-Maris Nik to replace Wright, Ma Wen-Gonzalez was at the top 8 of the 8th game. Carlos – Corea faces Ryan-Brabith, there is no waves, but the reddock catcher Wazkez kills Marsnik https://www.b2bshopp.com for the pirate, and the result is a slightly moving directly to the body. Base. Marisnik used the second base trial, the unsuccessful people, “escort”, and explained that the guest Zhang Jiafu ridiculed the second base trial, it was really “lying in the gun, standing in the middle”.

The head coach touchs the nose and has a mystery

Typically, the big alliance pitcher chooses pitching and route through catcher, and the catcher is applied to make the pitcher to see clear gesture changes, these dark numbers have different interpretations in different clubs. However, video live signals also capture small actions outside the coach, sometimes it is left and right, and sometimes it is touching the nose. This is in the view of Zhang Jiafu, and the main coach is so suggesting that the ball is still good or the bad ball, and https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com other spheres are implied in the field.