On July 16, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Grand Union conducted 15 games. The results are as follows: National 8-1 Jinyu, Guang 3-8 Yangji, priest 7-12 Malinfish, Dodge 8-9 Philadelphians, Blue Bird 10-4 Red Socks, White Socks 0-11 Royal, Tiger 0- 8 Indians, Red People 3-4 Bear (10 bureaus), the snake 9-2 swimming, Metropolitan 3-2 Shuangcheng, Warrior 1-13 winemaker, pirate 3-1: Giants 8-4 Rocky (10 bureaus), sailor 2-9 sportswate, angel 7-2 space people.Washington National 8-1 BaltimoIn the second bureau, Adamstang Spring cannon is the first one; the second bureau is second https://www.mlbdrakterno.com half, the golden attack, Elberto is bombarded, and a Yangchun cannon team chasing the score. In the third bureau, Lunng Gardens fought back to the teammates, and the nationals once again leaded the lead; the first half of the six games, the Sodo opened, Yangchun cannon expanded partships for the national team; then, Jinyu pitcher mistakes, send The three base runners are divided into 4-1. Since then, the national line continues to force, and the string of strings will, and the final national 8-1 defends the golden.Tampa Bay 3-8 New York YangjiIn the middle of the second game, Meados Yangchun is the first record of the light, 1-0; the second half, Nakaisi has a yang spring gun for Yangji chasing score. Subsequently, Diaz has knocked out the home run and the second base is playing. It is a two-pointer for the light,https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com 3-1; after this, Le Mei Yu, Jiaqi and Gregour will open the game, of which Gregion I knocked out a full of guns and touched the game when I was full, and I would like to be 3-8.San Diego Priest 7-12 Miami MarshIn the first half of the first place, Anderson knocked out a three-component gun to the score of the macarium; the second bureau is over, the priest line is connected in series, continuous; smooth three points. Subsequently, the Marin fish walked to play, continued to decrease; the six games ended, the priest 3-11 behind the mucat.In the seventh place, Margot was bombarded, and a Yangchun cannon reduced the difference between the team, 4-11. In the second half of the eighth game, Marin fish libert knocked out Yangchun cannon continued to expand its leading advantages. In the first half of the ninth game, https://www.mlbtrikot4.comthe princes were finally attacked, and the Rays knocked out two points of gun shrinking small points, and Machado knocked out the priest to returned a point. The final priest is still from 7-12 injuries.Los Angeles Daoqi 8-9 Philadelphia PhiladelphiansKim Jieri knocked out the Yangchun gun in the first half of the year to fight for Philadelphia; in the upper half of the second game, Mangsi also knocked out the Yangchun gun as a drawing score. In the second half of the second game, Miller and Harper knocked out two points of guns, three-point gun, helping Phiemans re-leading the lead.Subsequently, the Dodge Team Beilinjie, Poland, Peterson and Betty have been bombarded, helping to reverse the game. Dodge has entered the shortage of the nine bureaies in the leading advantages of 8-6; Jinjie, Philadelphians, https://www.mlbtrojerse.com tapped out to play a point for Philadelphia, both parties only one point; one out of the two or three bases, Harper Station A clear column of a Chinese and foreign country is safe to help Philostens take the last victory.Toronto Bluebird 10-4 Boston Red SocksIn the second half of the first game, Bocgauz is bombarded, a Yangchun cannon is the next point of red socks; the second game, Ernand, a three-point gun to help the blue bird reversed the game, and Smerk also knocked Put a point to take a point; 4-1. In the upper half of the fifth game, Bates played in the direction of the left field, and the red stockings were played directly, Boggugz followed the point, 4-4.Subsequently, Schmerke opened, Yangchun cannon helped blue bird to reopeize the leading advantage; Ernande’s use of red socks and pairs of mistakes and https://www.trikotskaufenn.com ran back to the home base again. Entering the ninth game, the blue bird work is constant, continuously resembling the score, and the unique is straight. The ultimate blue bird 10-4 defeated red socks.Chicago White Sox 0-11 Kansas RoyalIn the first half of the first place, the royal family used the opponent’s mistake and the three bases of Dozale, and the third game, the royal line is also a string back two points, then Merfield knocks out of the home. Fall two points; thereafter, the Royal War is connected in series and continuous. Dozale, a two-point guns. The ultimate royal 11-0 wins white socks. Royal first pitcher Spacman’s completed nine games 8 times Sanzhen did not gain and finished the victory.Detroit Tiger 0-8 Cleveland IndiansIn the second half, the Indians wanders, and the anaba will continue to be divided into continuous points, Melkado is boosted, and a two-point cannon will help the team union; the third bureau, the second half, Lami Secretaries are playing again for the Indians, while using tiger defensive mistakes to run back to the team. In the second half of the six games, Nashi continued to expand the division, the nine bureau battles, and the Tiger 0-8 did not affected the Indians.Cincinnati 3-4 Chicago Bear (10 bureaus)In the first place, the red man is on the line, showing strong offensive desires, and it is a series of sunsets, including the Yangchun cannons of Suarez, and the Red Single Bureau won three points of leading advantages; then Garcia and Brian The special first opened, chasing the score for the bear, the nine bureau battles, and the two sides 3-3. Entering the Extension Bureau, Schwaibo, a Yangchun cannon, took away the final victory of the game.Arizona Snake 9-2 Texas Tour CavalryIn the first bureau, Escoba knocked out to beat the snake next one; the second half of the fourth game, the first half of Gallo, Yangchun, chased the score. Subsequently, the snake Malt knocked out two points, Wargas knocked out two-unit guns to expand the leading advantage; the second half of the eighth game, Andrews sacrificed high flying to the teammate to the tourist army again. In the upper half of the nine bureau, the tail snake line is connected to the series with opponents, and the union is straight. The final snake 9-2 big winning cavalry.New York Most 3-2 Minnesota ShuangchengIn the first half, the big trend will use sacrificial high-speed balls and opponents, and they will lead to two points. In the second half of the three games, Lu Pu knocked out the Yangchun shot and injured the score; then Kaipus knocked out the wilderness ball and sent back friends to help the double city to draw the flat; five games, Kangfuto knocked out a base for big Will reopeize the leading advantage. In the end, it will lead this points to the end of the game.Atlanta Warrior 1-13 MilwaukeeIn the second half, the sea village knocked out the Yangchun cannon to make a stalemate for the winemaker, then Gran Dolue and Mustica have kept back the score to expand the leading advantage. In the upper half of the five games, Flavos knocked out the Yangchun gun as a warrior, 1-3. Since then, the winemaker is starting to force, and the following points are continuous, and Cairn plays two-point gun, Jerege knock out of the golden gun. The nine games, the winemaker 13-1 wins the warrior.Pittsburgh Pirate 3-1 St. Louis SapphireIn the middle of the fifth game, Newman knocked out an array of beats for pirates to retrieve a point; the second half of the five bureaus, Flacht, a second base, sent back to the team, friend, pair score. In the top half of the nine games, Morgan knocked out to send back to the leader, Newman knocked out in the wild ground, the ball is a pirate. In the end, the pirate 3-1 defeated the rickets.San Francisco Giant 8-4 Colorado Sile (10 bureaus)In the second bureau, Yastezeki and Panick have knocked out to the giant to return the score; 2-0. In the second half of the six games, Stori knocked back into the score; the upper half of the eight games Advantage.In the second half of the nine bureaus, Stori and Dayersmond have been bombarded, helping Rocky to chase the score. The nine bureau battles, the two sides 4-4 draw; enter the extension bureau, the giant line suddenly takes place, and it is safe and continuously retracts the score. Directly taking the last victory.Seattle Sailor 2-9 Auckland Sports HomeIn the middle of the second game, Navaz a Yangchun cannon to take a lead in the waterfriend; the sighthouse is striving to make the following points, Chapman and Olsen continue to open, expand the score advantage 1-7. In the second half of the seven games, Chapman once again played, sent back to the teammates, the second half of the eighth game, and the PhiGye Changan played two points for the sports home. In the first half of the nine bureau, Navawz once again opened, a yang spring guns helped the sailor, but it was difficult to transfer the fate of the ball. Finally, the sailor 2-9 will not be enemy sportsman.Los Angeles Angel 7-2 Houston Space ManIn the first place, the angel team launched the offensive, constantly played in series, returned to the score, and the union hit six points leading advantages; then, White continuously resembles the score for space people, improper division To 6-2. The second half of the six https://www.b2bshopp.com games, Lencyfu knocked out the second base to beat the angel again, 7-2. Then the two sides launched the defensive war, the nine games, and the angel 7-2 defeated the spaceman and won the five consecutive victories.