On July 12, Beijing time, https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com the Nairi District, the Nairi District, the Houston Space Team challenged the same area of ??the Tongzhou Texas Tour Cavalry. This is the first game of the four series of war in the competition. It is also a full star. The first event. The space team lost 4 points in the first game, and then went to the pitcher and got 2 out of the game, he was replaced down.[Data Highlight]The space team first pitted Waldez only 0.2 bureaus, and 4 pace 3 will be lost 4 points.The swordsman first pitcher Lin fizes 7 games 6 Anchick 2 to keep 11 three vibration 0 ignite.[Competition process]The space team off Jerqui Di Di, when he was in the first two Corologo team and the Los Angeles angel team, the points were as high as 10.50, and the French Bochi 1st game https://www.fanbutikk.com opened. The autumn trip to the cavalry.Subsequently by https://www.b2bshopp.com De Hilz, the Earth of Andrews, although the Earth of Andrew, let the visitors took the lead in getting 1 point, Mazara’s anattical and Gall’s second base, ordering the ride, 1 point and Caused a full base, Odor’s second base is playing 2 points.After 2 out of the game, Folombo continued to be replaced after Kabrera and Martis. Relay Pitcher Chris De Wenski ended the crisis, but the end of the Branch, the ride team has been leading the space team in 4-0.The second half of the bureau, the ride team rely on Odor, Kabrera and Martis’s continuous 3 consecutive three-year-old.At the end of the third game, the ride team leads the 5-0 leading space team. In this approach, the Space People’s Congress will be brought to the face to the face injury.The first https://www.mlbtrojerse.com firman of the tourist team is very strong, and the seven https://www.mlbboutique2.com games of the seven games have not been lost. The cowshed is also https://www.fanartikelsportde.com relatively powerful, Jose-Leklake’s 8th game 1 is unrestrained.Chris Martin’s 9th game, so that the space team Guriel small ball is out, Zhen Zhenkik and makes the play of Tony Ken to maintain a victory, and the final cavalry is 5-0 zero. Space man.[Two sides starting]Houston Space TeamFirst stick Chinese and foreign wilder George – SpringerSecond Bar 2Sgain Jose – OttiThird Bar Guardian Alex – BregmanFourth rod left outer wilder Michael – BlanteryFifth rod designated to combat Jordan – AlvarezSixth sticksSeventh stick right wilder, Yash-RedickEighth rod, a bar, Taylor WhiteNinth Catcher Robinson – ChrinosTexas Tour CavalryThe first stick designated to fight the autumn tripSecond Bar Sinowfield Derino – De https://www.maillotsenligne.com HillzThird stick guerracid Elvis – AndrewsThe fourth stick right https://www.maillotspascherfr.com wilder, Novar-MazaraFifth rod left outer wilder Joey – GalloSixth stick, a barrier, Danny-SantanaThe seventh stick two bases Rugenede-OdorEighth sticks, three bases, Athduba, KabreraNinth Bar Catcher Jeff Matis[Next prospect]The space team will arrange Grt-Cole, Wade Milly and Justin-Wrande first issued three games behind this series. The space team first pitched Cole was rated as the best pitcher in June, and he was 5-0 in the past eight games, and the self-sharing rate is only 1.76, and the 51 games are 70.The leader of the ride team Jessi Chawitz was the first time the Spaceman was the first time after the war of the Taiwanese. After the arrival of the Tai Nature, he was the first to divide the space. The relay record is 3-2, and https://www.mlbtrikot4.com the self-sharing rate is 3.63.