On December 2, I said the Baseball Alliance, the most famous, the highest level of the world is mostly the US duty, but I want to say the love of baseball, Japan is definitely the first place. In Japan, the baseball is the first movement. It is their national ball, the Japanese Market (NPB) and the name of the Jiazi Garden. It is a worldwide, movie, songs and other works related to baseball.But these still can’t fully express their favorite, nearby, Konami, one of Japan’s most influential game software https://www.trikotskaufenn.com vendors, held a baseball electricity called “Ebaseball live wild ball (baseball) occupational alliance” Farm.GuestbookFor Konami, China’s football fans want to be very familiar, their products “live football” are popular around the world, and the game has become one of the six e-sports performance projects of Jakarta Asian Games.According to Japanese media reports, EBASEBALL live wild ball professional alliance is a baseball electronic competitive event in Konami and duty (NPB), all 12 NPB teams, six balls of the Central Alliance and the Pacific League Teams have an e-sports registration.”Equipment Edition” Guest Baseball LeagueIt is worth mentioning that since it is a collaboration with the official, the real sense of this event is super, the team name of each team, the team standard is consistent with the real https://www.maillotsenligne.com NPB team, and the role used in the electric competition It is also a member of the team in dupid, and the team players have also been selected by the groups of the team. After the election, each team has elected three team members to participate.It is exactly in such an official background, the competition, and the operations are very formal. In addition to the official website, various news reports, there are full video live, with professional commentary, fans can pay attention through the Internet.Trend of overtaking and sports allianceIn fact, this is not the first sports event in the world. In May of this year, FIFA has organized the first e-sports World Cup based on “FIFA18” with the famous game company EA. The league, the schedule is completely consistent with the real NBA season.2018FIFA E-World Cuphttps://www.mlbtrojerse.comThe electricity industry is not developed in Japan. It is far from China and South Korea. According to reports, the total bonus of this event is only 12 million yen, compared with other movement of millions of tens of millions of electricity competitions. There is still a gap in the scale, but Japan’s hosting is also a new attempt. They use baseball in their own high popularity to promote the development of the electrical competition in Japan, and the game company has improved market share, and for Japan In order to enter the electricity race, it can also further promote the project and attract more young people.The famous electrical website Esports Insider once wrote that as the Sports Union gradually entered an electronic competitive field, this could be a new way to attract fans.