Officially confirmed! Liaoning men’s basketball team, the list is finally released, the lineup is too luxurious

Lin Shuhao announced that it has been discharged from the personal social media, but also revealed an important message, that is, the CBA still does not allow foreign aid, and many media believe that under the impact of the game, there is no funding for foreign aid. If it is a whole China, the strength of the Liaoning men’s basketball team may be the strongest!The Liaoning team registered 19 players, namely: Ma Zhuang, Zhao Jiwei, Gao Shi Yan, Guo Iron, Guo Xu, Zhang Tanglin, Wang Xian, Li Xiaoxu, Liu Yanyu, Zhou Juncheng, Lu Wei, Wu Changze, Yu Zechen, Yuandu, Fuhao, Liu Zhixuan, Juming Chen, Han Dejun, Sun Hao, Gao Shiyan and Zhu Rongzhen continue to rent each other.

There are a lot of players who have expired Liaoning team’s contract this year, and finally complete the renewal, only the He Tianji will be separated from the team. Ma Zhuang 5-year B-class contract, Zhao Jiwei 2 years Top Told Contract, Wang Huadong 4 years Class B Contract, Li Xiaoxu 1 year Class C Contract, Liu Yanyu 4 years Class B Contract, Zhou Juncheng 3 years Class B Contract, Lu Yijie 3 years B Other players are old contracts. The Liaoning team did not raise the players from the youth team this year.

Liaoning team’s big list is very luxurious, the main force of the two major teams on the back of the line, Guo Allen and Zhao Jiwei. On the front line, Zhang Tanglin is a red national hand, Yuhao, Li Xiaoxu, Liu Zhixuan once is a national hand; there is Wu Changze, Wang Xiandong, Wu Changze and Liu Zhixuan are all hand palm fractures, and the playoffs can catch up. Inner line, Han Dejun, Zhu Rongzhen, Liu Yanyu, Han Dejun although the finals did not play, but the Zhejiang Jiazhou Series did not solve, the foreign aid of the Zhejiang team restricted the Korean, although Dahan has been 34 years old, but still In the peak.

Zhao Jiwei, Guo Allen, Zhang Tanglin, Fuhao, Han Dejun, when Yang Ming put this lineup, you can say the full alliance!But a game cannot rely on these five people, and there must be a player standing up, and the Liaoning team has a group of role players. As long as Yang Ming can cultivate three or four stable points, the playoff is enough. The Liaoning team is so luxurious. It is still a injury, especially Han Dejun. Han Dun is always injured in the last session of the regular season. I have lost the championship for two consecutive seasons, I look forward to Yang Ming with the Liaoning team’s roll back!

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