NFL’s strongest kick-on state declines, even the wrong shot, see all the wind big waves, see everything

November 8 As the NFL Alliance Middle aged players, 46-year-old “V God” Adam Vinatieri has already been white, in the long career of Venati, Natiye, “Derring”, “Da Heart” has become a career label of this old will play.

From a happy boy, such as the uncle of nearly half of this year, Venatiye has experienced countless wind big waves in the NFL alliance, and the kicking skill can be described as a fire pure. No matter what the scene, what is the key moment, as long as the team needs, Venati is always robust.

Of course, every successful figure has achieved great achievements, and certainly suffered a lot of bumps, Veniyeri is no exception. In 2019, Venatiye entered the 24th season of personal career. In the 2019 season NFL regular season, it is probably due to the increasing problems aged year, and Venatiye has a huge fluctuation.

In the past 22 seconds, the Indianapolis pony has been in the final 22 seconds of the large size of the large size of the large size of the large size of the 51 yards in the last 22 seconds. But awkward, this is the excitement of the ultimate squatting, and Veniyerri has faced the moment of free kills in the game on the stamitzburgh steel person, but this He made a big mistake.

At the fourth quarter of the game, 1 minute and 11 seconds, the Pony 24-26 behind the Pittsburgh Steelman, but they got a non-easy 43 yards, but the 51 yards of the face of the wild horse. Ball, this is obviously a situation that is easier to grasp. However, Venatiye has unexpectedly kicked the ball, and finally looked at the Pony 24-26.

For general players, missing the killing of the United States will definitely make them sad for a while. However, Veniyeri saw that I used to get a big waves, whether it is improving the killing or missing, this 46-year-old old will play the hearts of the hands.

“This situation, you only need to go out and take a look at the shot. Do you know? You don’t have to think too much, we still have a lot of games. You need to go back to research video, see if we can also improve What, find a shortcomings, correct the shortcomings. “V God said.

Since this season, Vanatiye has played eight games, one of the people in a total of 17.2, the hit rate is only 70.6%; the shooting of the shooting is 19, and the hit rate is only 73.7%. The only thing worth mentioning is that the 10 yards of Vanatiyerry have a total of 3 kickings 2, while other data indicators, V God is much lower than the average level.

To know that the last season, Venatiyei free kick in 23 kicked 23, the hit rate was 85.2%; in addition to the shooting door 47 kicked 44, the hit rate was 93.6%. In the career in Vineyyeri, he has maintained a total of 84% of any ball hit rate and 97.4% of additional shot mortary rate.

As we all know, Venatiye is more good at completing free kills in the big scene. In the 36th Super Bowl and the 38th Super Bowl of free kings, they directly helped New England patriots to win two super bowls, and laid the historical status of V God.

But the so-called years is not forgiving, and it is still very weak in the last season. In the 2019 season, in the competition of Los Angeles Lightning, Veniyerri lost 46 yards, 24 yards of free kick and a separate shot. In the face of his own bad performance, Venatiyerl is very open, no matter what the great achievements have been achieved, he is always looking forward to everything.

“This is at least a very interesting season, isn’t it? I think I have to come slowly for a game, you can’t expect too much for the future, and you can’t be immersed in the past. Just like the requirements of the coach I looked at last week’s competition, I got out of these questions, I changed the problem, then I returned to work. “

“So, for me, whether it is last week, last month or last year, all this has passed, we have to look forward. Long open ball Luke Rhodes (Luke rhodes) and support Rigoberto Sanchez is very good, I am full of confidence in them, they will hopic in me, I have to do work well, I can’t live up to their efforts. “

Obviously, the wind and rain over the years give Venatiye to make such a distant mood, it is worth everyone to study. The Chicago bear team and their players can also realize the philosophy of life, and strive to get out of haze soon.