NFL running guards the highest salary! Black Panther 16 million payresses inner head McCarre 4 years

Black Leopard is still in McCaffrey

Black Leopard is still in McCaffrey

April 14 (Wen / ESPN Compile / Ouyang) ESPN’s famous reporter Adam Schlefter reported that Carolina Black Panther will run to Kristian-McAristian McAffrey After the completion of the renewal, the Black Panther will provide a four-year contract with a single average of 16 million US dollars. With this super contract, McCarre will also become the highest annual salary of NFL in history.

In the rankings of the Estate New Year, the Ezekiel Elliott of Dallas will fall into the second (15 million annual salary), the New York jet Runfievone – Bell (Bell, Le ?on also dropped to the third (14 million annual salary).

“I am very happy to continue to continue in the panther’s career,” McCarre is said, “I want to thank the team boss Teter family, General Manager Marty Hurney and the head coach Rhule gives me the opportunity to continue to lead this great team, I also want to thank all the teammates who provide help for my career, and of course I will thank the Black Leopard, the black panther will never stop! “

McCarre is still not 24 years old. The player is currently in its fourth year of its rookie contract, which will also ensure that the player will stay in the team before 2025. As a reconstruction team with only 5 wins and 11 losses last seasons, the black panther does not want McCaverre to open the new season in a future that cannot guarantee, and the team will choose to complete the contract in advance.

In the case of an interview, the team’s new head coach Ruer said: “For a team, McFrey is the kind of guy who meets the team culture. The black panther wants to be a serious in football. The team, a team that only focuses on the game itself, McCarre is this kind of person. “

At the same time, Luur said that he hired Joe Brady, Louisiana State University, was a team offensive coordinator, which would want to discover all the capabilities of McCaffrey.

“If McCarre is a running guard, this is actually a little offering him. He should be a combination of running guards and take over, all this can do it, I am very good now. Patience and will build a team around him. “

It is worth mentioning that McCarre last season became the third in history, in a single season, can get 1000 yards of players in the end of the squad and the ball, before the two completed this feat It is also 1985 San Francisco 49 people run to Navar Craig and Marshall Faulk.

Since the team wants to complete the renewal of McCarre before the draft conference, Marti Herni in the team is in less than two weeks after discussing the renewal of the renewal, the two sides reached this. Item protocol. This Herni said: “McCarre is the player who can surround its team, he will become the leader of the team.”