NFL ratings eventually picked up a team to occupy two seats in the first three games ratings

United States Football League NFL tournament favorite has always been the heart of the American people, regardless of the number of attendance at the site or in terms of the ratings are in the nation and even the world’s top position. After two consecutive years of declining ratings, the ratings of the 2018 NFL season finally up 5% over the 2017 season, this year, an average of 15.8 million viewers watched NFL games every week.

NFL four major television networks (CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN) ratings rate increase, which ESPN Monday night game ratings record the largest increase, reaching 8%, CBS and NBC ratings rose 6%, FOX in week attendance Thursday night race of the day and rose 4% and 2%.

9 – December 50 of the largest nationwide viewership profile live or broadcast program in which there are 46 stalls NFL games. As the traditional items for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving battle, NFL this season, the ratings peaked on Thanksgiving Day. In 2018 the highest ratings in five games, including two Thanksgiving Day War.

If you want a taste of “Team America” ??influence the Dallas Cowboys, then you can appreciate through this year, the highest rating of five games: Cowboys occupy two seats in the highest ratings first three games this year.

Here take a look at the 2018 season, the highest rating of five games now!

First: Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins 31-23, 30.5 million viewers (Week 12, FOX)

Second: Chicago Bears Detroit Lions 23-16, 26.6 million viewers (Week 12, CBS)

Third: Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles 29-23, 25.2 million viewers (week 14, FOX)

Fourth: the Pittsburgh Steelers 17-10 New England Patriots 24.6 million (week 15, CBS)

Fifth: New Orleans Saints 31-28 Pittsburgh Steelers 24 million (16 weeks, CBS)

In addition to the Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers are five games accounted for two, which proves that Americans still like to watch. In this year, the highest rating of five games, three games is a CBS broadcast. But surprising is that we do not see Biao points battle the Los Angeles Rams 54-51 in the Kansas City Chiefs game viewing before 5 years, did not see the New England Patriots VS Green Bay Packers, Brady and Rodgers the two GOAT showdown.

After two consecutive years of decline in the ratings, NFL pick for this year’s audience was pleased. Additionally ratings 2018 digital streaming media increased by 86% over the 2017 season. To be sure, the NFL playoffs ratings record will refresh again. Last year, the hottest battle a wild card attracted 31.15 million viewers, the ratings now to pick up, to break this figure seems no fuss, especially this year, as well as cowboy wild card race.