Lakers’ injury list is released!James leads three will, strong eyebrows, the king, Wei Shao is most unexpected

Finally, I will talk about Wei Shao. In the face of the pedestrian team, Wei Shao’s magical performance has expired again, the whole game is 39.5 minutes, 15 shots 5, get 20 points and 7 rebounds 5 assists and 4 mistakes, using breakthrough manufacturing 11 free throws9 points, the performance of this season is always a mystery, the field is 35.6 https://www.maillotbasket6.comminutes, get
20.0 points 8.4 rebound 8.6 assists, the error rate is 4.9 rounds, the first, this season has four three pairs of three pairs (the firstAs a three-pointer, the opponent has a clear way, the opponent contains a few ways, and the shot is not a breakthrough. The regional joint defense is the best way to defend the power, and the performance of the power is surprising. If the same LakersIn such a state, enter the playoffs, take a look at the championship trophy, very difficult, and Woger still needs to go array.