I am not your familiar, the Jos, Allen, but I am very strong.

Josh-Allen is already a household name, which can be familiar with this Bill star four-point guards, led Bill, only 6 points this week, and the fish, American tiger, in the defensive battle, the United States. Name Bier. Who is the shot of the Bill offensive group? It’s also called Yash – Allen? !

The 24-year-old young rush hand is just a good year, compared to the more famous quartz, Yalan, Patrick Allen, is called Yash-Allen, no intermediate name. Two Allen this Sunday launched a career in Jacksonville.

“I am a little bother, because of the football, Yund Allen, my name is not as good as him, I want to kick his ass in the game.”

Allen said in an interview: “I absolutely hopes to be the object that is discussed, not a star’s synonymous, I have to do my best to become the best player, let everyone pay attention to me.”

In addition to the names of the famous, Allen also has some other objectives: double-digit killing, and get more killing than his teammates Develne than his teammates at the end of the season. Before the season, Alan has been cut down 4.5 times (the end of this rhythm will be 11 times), and it is also very hope to defeat Smit (2.5 times).

Allen has dominated in the recent three games, 2.5 records, 17 pressure, PFF total score 91.4 (all defenders third), 25.3% of the winning rate (sixth), 11.0 Biometric value (sixth) and 18.7% of the punching rate (seventh).

His PFF Total Rating is progressing each season, from 68.4 (in placestivation) in 2019, 69.6 (32) to the second grade, and then increasing to 84.6 (eight).

Allen ‘s progress in the officer is very simple. He said: “I have trained exhausted every day.”

This way maybe some simple, each time and coach Jason – Smith After training in the fitness center, Allaun feels that he is “on the verge of death”. It is this almost unlike training method, let Allen seem to rise in an instant. In fact, it is just a job that work hard every day.

Of course, this is definitely not a chicken Tang Wen, which is “can succeed.” In such a dextile-Watersen yesterday, I just made a “man who will commit” the man who will commit “, tomorrow Henry Rags III, who cheries the young career because of the era of drunk driving The player is indeed uncomfortable.

Allen believes that his copying the brakes is finally letting the America decided to pick his reason with such a high-time sign, in the last three seasons of the University of Kentucky, he made 11 times, and the rookie season is also relying on Two manufacturing of the ball was selected for professional bowls, yes, he is already a full-star level.

Allen said, “All my attention is staring at the ball. In fact, this is the secret of each top-level punch is not a secret.”

“Excessive, killing, copying the ball, falling to the ground, fluting to the ball, one, talking about this set of copies, Alang, if the river is used, it is immersed.

However, in the past two season Allen did not make the ball until this week. In the two Allen’s confrontation, the young rushing hands completed six cockroaches and 4 pressure, and the career first cocketails and the first two years of the first decree were given to the same name opponent.

Although the most famous Jose-Allen may still be one at the end of the season, but if many of the performances this week, maybe people will remember his name, Yash-Allen, no intermediate name.