How long can the superbweed MVP chest injury to the patriot offensive group?

September 23 (Wen / ESPN Mike Reiss Compilation / Fu “) New England Patrioper team mainly take over” Julian Edelman “Julian Eldelman encountered a chest injury in the second quarter of New York jet, and He did not return in the game.

Edelman was injured in a second game, he received a short pass and tried to get more code numbers, but he was wrapped around the opponent, and finally fell on the ground. Ermann after this, I stood at the side line. After reading the final offense of the team, I entered the team locker room for further examination before the end of the team.

After the game, the Patriot team owner taught Billych did not disclose the latest progress on the Medium’s injury, while Edrman’s injury has no doubt, and the patriot team offensive group that has been injured. A heavy blow. Tom Breddy has been interviewed in an interview: “When you lose the best players, you will have a lot of challenges will make a lot of mistakes, but every team has injuries, we are no exception, we need to do it. It is to try to handle this thing. “

When the reporter came to the player locker after the game, Edelman’s locker was closed, and he didn’t have it there. Edelman is the 53rd super bowl of MVP, and his entire second half has not returned. Fortunately, the patriots still have a shocking and won the game. It is worth mentioning that after the injury of Edelman, Bradi needs to find the new number one pass target, the Patriot team has just cut off the Antonio-Brown, and another first outer end of the team – Gordon also encountered a left hand injury, and there was no problem after checking the package.

There is only three people left in the patriots in the patriotic array, respectively.

Breddy’s two major weapons of attacking the ball in recent years, Edrman and Grad were retired. This year can be said to be the most difficult year in recent years, the team has not solved the attack front line and the injured tide, and external The problem of the hand is highlighted, and the Antonio-Brown, which is hoped. Arctic, is released by the team, the Patriot team’s offensive group is a man’s hand, can they still rely on the four-year old man?