Get more! Jet can’t bear to endure high-salary angle guards Johnson

(Wen / ESPN RICH CIMINI Compile / Slash) According to the news, the New York jet after long-term tuning and thinking in the transaction, officially decided to cut off their high salary sneaked to Trumaine Johnson. Before March 20, the New York Jet must complete all the actions on the transaction, while Johnson’s $ 11 million in Johnson (only under injury) will be fully guaranteed.

The uncertainty of the proposed labor negotiation agreement may affect the time process of the decision. If the latest labor agreement can be implemented, the jet can divide this salary into two seasons to pay, 4 million US dollars 2020, 8 million US dollars in 2021.

The jet hopes that their “Sam Donod Program” can achieve better results than last year, and if there is no new labor agreement, 2020 jet will be economical to take on Johnson’s $ 12 million in salary space occupied. Under this circumstance, it will cause 12 million US dollars to become a dead money. Johnson’s 2020 basic salary is 11 million US dollars, the signing bonus is $ 4 million, and the total wage general plan is $ 15 million, such a jet only It can save $ 3 million.

2012 three-wheeled Shrusmein-Johnson is 30 years old, he is one of the worst free players signed by the jet. The ball is not good, but the money is not less: jet In 2018, he won him, gave him a contract for a 5-year value of $ 72.5 million, of which 34 million was guaranteed, and the contract also included $ 200,000 signed bonuses.

The team hopes to give him the real encouragement of him. It is hoping that he can become one of the best players in the League in the corner. This old saying. Since the output capability does not match the amount of salary, and at least 2 times is pressed on the bench, the jet has finally arrived at the edge of the cliff.

At the moment, he seems to have a huge blow to the jet, because he only played 17 games, it can take a 34 million US dollars. Back to the theme, the jet intends to cut off Johnson, have already started chasing Byron Jones and James Bradbe, the two angular guards entering the free market also have extremely durable.

The jet is in a very weak and passive situation in the corner guard. There is no reliable starting angle guard in all the players in the contract, but even if so, the time to take the time and Johnson is a jet that is unswerving. In the 18-season and 19 season, he only played 17 games in the 19th game. It was absent from the 9 games last season. In 2018, it was absent from the four muscle straps.

In the last game in 2018, he still had a problem, he violated the team’s regulations. The 2nd and 3rd States of the 2019 season, Johnson was put on the cold bench and immediately lost the support of the new coaching group. According to the inner people, he improved his training habits and successfully returned to the starting lineup in the 4th week. .

In addition to the injury and bench, Johnson successfully contributed 5 cases in two seasons, including 4 times in 2018 (one of which created a backcross). But he is the most hurting for a foul in the wrong time, and the opponent’s paste against the opponent, causing the other to manufacture the large size to promote the number of morale, and hurt the team’s morale.

Prior to joining the jet, Johnson stayed in St. Louis / Los Angeles. It took 18 times, contributing to the 18th copy, the 2016 season and the 2017 season, he played in the case of the privileged label, in this last 4 season He earned a $ 69.69 million, but he never successfully kills the occupational bowl.

Two times in the three seasons entered the free market, Tromein, John, eventually realized that his competitiveness is high in the corner market led by Jones and Bradberi, how high is the price? Also don’t say it.