Do you want to face the old? Parsons named the "Rocket" fans for the daughter, but it is recommended to change the name "Kutan"

Beijing time November 26th, the former NBA player Chandler – Parsons happy, and he also took photos of daughters on social media. It is worth mentioning that Parsons gave the daughter as Rocket Rose Parsons, and he also took the rose graphic and rocket in English.

Parsons’ move, obviously in the old main indication, to prove that he still did not forget the years of playing in the Rockets. However, it is, many American rocket fans do not buy, but it is recommended that Parsons will change their daughter’s name to “Kutan”.

Why does this happen? This is probably related to Parsons after leaving the rocket. As the 2nd round of 2011, the player selected by the Rockets, the peak of the Parsys career is indeed in the Rockets. Especially in the 2013-14 season, Parsons can get 16.6 points 5.5 rebounds 4 assists, and 3 data is also his hising earlier.

Afterwards, Parsons reached a 3-year $ 45 million contract with the Saler team, leaving the Rockets, and after the Grizzlies and the eagle, but no longer played the performance of the Rocket.

In the 19-20 season, only the Eagles team played 5 games, and the average of 2.8 points can no longer get the opportunity to play
in NBA. The house leaks lived in the rain, and Parsons were also in a car accident. At that time, the doctor said that his waist and the heads of the head were irreversible, and the player career has been ended.

In actually, Parsons in 1988, only 33 years old, if he did not suffer serious injuries and car accidents, it should be in the years. The prior to Parsons also gave returned to NBA, but from the current situation, some rocket fans did not forgive him, even if the Rockets were rebuilding team, I am afraid that they will not be interested in him.

Even so, Parsons called “Gao Fushuai” have already become a winner of life. His career has taken a $ 120 million salary in NBA, and his wife’s sea – Harrison is a beautiful studio in Los Angeles. Partner, even if it is unable to return to NBA to play, the life of Capas,
I am afraid that many people are envious.